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TFS 5.0 current September WIP updates video.

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Always liked these screenshots with crew doing bunch of things.



Shame it's only static. But still amazing, wish this kind of stuff would be in game as well.

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Nice compilation of images there, just shows how good the sim is at portraying the landscape and sky.;)


Good to see the Blenheim in a desert skin, I tried to fly it the other evening, what a experience, I did eventually mange to coordinate the engines and stop it spinning so I could take off.:blush:


I left landing for another day.:lol:


Torpedoes, now that will get folks all in a flap, we are still waiting for them in the GB series.:huh:


And later war hops across the channel making a nuisance of ourselves with that Spitfire, what is not to like.



Wishing you all the very best, Pete.:biggrin:

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