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  1. In an info window it will tell you what time compression you are at... you have to have either console or server output/input active... I think. Console you'll see events happeneing via text, it's also how you show fps in game if you want.
  2. 69thSpiritus_Mortem

    Clod Graphic settings

    Sounds like you have Vsync on if it is dropping by 50%. Try turning it off in game, and turn on FAST in Nvidia or whichever GPU you have. I just jumped in game and tested with the Beau to see my frames. I go from 120 to 95, so a drop but not cutting in half which is what Vsync would do. The reason is the cockpits make your machine compute more triangles and more/higher resolution textures. then if you weren't looking at them. Same idea as testing your FPS with flying over the water or London, London will make your machine work harder.
  3. 69thSpiritus_Mortem

    IL2 Clod Blitz Crash after few minuts !

    Try uninstalling and then reinstalling your .net framework.
  4. 69thSpiritus_Mortem

    Vehicles - Torbruk

    A complete list will probably be released when we are close to finishing up. For a plane list you can see here: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=25345
  5. 69thSpiritus_Mortem

    TFS Developer Update - July 2018

    We hope to implement VR as a patch after 5.0. We polled all the CloD communities and asked if they'd prefer VR with 5.0 but with at least a 6 month delay of our target release date. Overwhelmingly people wanted 5.0 first. So, once 5.0 comes out, VR is a top priority, we've publicly said it before and plan to stick with that. Not only is it a large amount of code work, but pretty significant work in the 3d and texture department for existing models.
  6. 69thSpiritus_Mortem

    TFS Developer Update - July 2018

    108 is basically ready for import, just a couple cockpit elements need to be finished. 202 cockpit is being built, external is close but still needs work. Just remember there are only a handful of modelers with day jobs. Sometimes it is odd to see the progression from the outside but we all are working on multiple aircraft at once and or helping out other projects/modelers. Im sure Bonkin's next update will have another list with more news on the aircraft in this update list as well as others that were not mentioned. Cheers
  7. 69thSpiritus_Mortem

    TFS Developer Update - July 2018

    We decided not to delay 5.0 for VR simply because it will take a coder focused only on VR to get it finished, which means taking a coder from other work. Once 5.0 is finished, then yes, VR is a must. We hope to have it released after 5.0, something like a 5.1 update/hotfix type thing.
  8. 69thSpiritus_Mortem

    TFS Developer Update - July 2018

    The IIB uses the same wing as the Vb, so all that work will move over leaving the only thing to finish on the V's are the tropical filter placement. So the IIB is a natural step towards the V's anyways. Altering the Spitfires has been a challenge. We had to rearrange parts of existing textures to make room for cannon shrouds and the tropical filters since those parts have to be on the M_diffuse (Skin). Once that room was made available, then we had to make the change to all other textures (roughly 8 more). Then we could actually put the new objects on, and now I'm on the step of adjusting rivets and panels so the B wing looks correct... and once again, once this is finished on the M_overlay, the same process has to be done on the other 8 or so textures. The DM is challenging as well with the Spit. It must be changed to reflect the cannon now since parts of the DM show the .303s. Lots of work but nearing completion. Anyways, back to the IIB, all the work I'm doing on the IIB paves the way on the Vb, so no wasted time or resources. When the IIB is finished things will progress quickly on the rest. The wing changes is the most time consuming.
  9. 69thSpiritus_Mortem

    TFS Update: Tobruk Discussion

    We have a coder dedicated to working on and fixing the AI. Should have news on the progress soon on this, I know they are making great strides but it is a long and boring journey. We also have another coder dedicated to developing a Dynamic Campaign Generator and we have members of multiple nationalities who are willing to help redo the voices. SP is just as important as MP.
  10. 69thSpiritus_Mortem

    TFS Update: Tobruk Discussion

    @Haza, the new PR guy is getting his first update ready, and should be ready with it before the end of the month. He had to come in, see all the projects, communicate with the entire team to see where projects were at, what can and can't be talked about, so on. He will have his update around that 3-4 week time that I said. When I said regular updates every two weeks, I did regular updates every two weeks until our new guy accepted the job. Instead of stealing his thunder and taking more time away from my 3d/texture work, I stopped updates after the May 26th update and helped him transition into the team and get him caught up. Minus releasing 5.0, some people won't be happy with any update. The new updates will have their own style and organization, and we are getting to the point in the project that things are now getting in game rather than just renders, so more exciting updates. It will be a good summer and fall.
  11. I passed the info along to the code team, maybe it can help. I know they made progress in this area some time ago so hopefully we can get this corrected.
  12. 69thSpiritus_Mortem

    TFS Update: Tobruk Discussion

    Lots of work going on right now, lots of movement in the import/animations department. 😀
  13. @Veteran, coder is working on a list of what can be done via script, not sure when it will be ready.
  14. 69thSpiritus_Mortem

    TFS Updates: Tobruk

    Hello everyone, this will be a small update with some information just to let everyone know things are still progressing smoothly. Much more exciting and content filled updates will follow in approximately 3-4 weeks by our new PR representative. I'll still respond to questions and help where needed, but as far as PR, I will be signing off after this post. Our new PR rep is a member who is very well liked across the entire CloD community, one who is very knowledgeable with the game and one who has been contributing great things for the community for years. His first update will be up to him on when and what. Personally speaking, I'm very grateful and excited that he has joined TFS. His updates will be completely fresh in approach and I look forward to seeing them just as much as the rest of the community. TFS has also welcomed several new members which will both speed up the process of getting 5.0 out, and also address certain noted gripes from the community. We have several additional coders which will help out in multiple areas, but most importantly the import/animation process for all the new objects, ships, and aircraft/cockpits that will be included for 5.0. We also have a member who will be taking over the bugtracker maintenance from our main coder and another coder who will be working on bringing a Dynamic Campaign Generator to CloD. Multiple new aircraft have now been imported in game and are being tested, along with more static objects and turrets for new flyable aircraft. Work on the AI continues and within TFS we should have a big update from our AI coder tomorrow. I may break what I said earlier in this post and bring some news if I can about that front once we get it. Just wanted to give you all a quick note with some good info and properly sign off. Thanks for being civil and respectful (for the most part), and using constructive criticism when needed. I leave you in excellent hands. Happy times ahead. You can discuss here
  15. Hello All The TF 5.0 release will open up a whole new campaign environment for players and we hope to include a good selection of missions dealing with the conflict in North Africa. We are looking for persons who are familiar with the CLIFFS OF DOVER Full Mission Builder and who are interested in building missions and campaigns. Those who have the skills will have the opportunity to get their own ideas incorporated into the game and have a chance to share some of the rewards. Please send a PM to me if you are interested. Cheers