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  1. We have been testing it for a while and rather than delay the release, we will have it in a patch post release. It is close but we only have a handful of people in TFS, and of that handful, only a couple who can work on the system but they have been needed for helping import/animate all the new aircraft/objects/ships/ so on. It looks great right now, so further tweaking and optimization will be worth the wait.
  2. The Welly, (all versions) are in the game, but the animations for all the moving parts are still be worked on.
  3. @No.54_Reddog The mines will work like the sea-based mines in game now. Place them individually in the FMB. Damage to vehicles will depend on what type of vehicle and how much explosives are put in the mine. As for MP, we will be testing this to see what impact it will have. Besides the obvious, I can see these as being an interesting addition for mission builders who want to protect certain airfields or objects from human controlled ground objects that have some type of mission importance with triggers.
  4. Always been there. The object has nothing to do with the engine being on. You can place an aircraft in the FMB, make it "player". Then add other objects you want. If you want a portion of the aircraft to be removed, then place another object touching it and it will trigger the DM. So the cowling is removed in this particular instance. Each plane will be different depending on how their DM works, sometimes it works great, sometime not so much.
  5. Maintenance is checking that engine out. If you want to create photos like that, you can place small objects close enough to parts of the aircraft and you'll trigger the DM. So then it looks like the groundcrew is performing work on that engine. I'd guess it is human controlled, started just the left engine.
  6. I'm not sure people know how much work is involved in getting CloD to VR standards. If there isn't much interest in 5.0 CloD, then there is no point in doing the massive amount of work involved. If 5.0 is a success and we move to 6.0, then yes, we will do the work necessary. It is a catch 22 for everyone involved.
  7. At what resolution? I can't see any difference on my Ipad or phone but on my monitor and putting the youtube resolution at 4k it is obvious.
  8. There has been plenty of announcements regarding NA and 5.0. They will always be in the Cliffs of Dover section of this forum.
  9. No, 190 will be the number one priority aircraft for 6.0 if it happens.
  10. I see. Undercarriage to me is the landing gear and and their mechanisms. Yes, the belts and bombs have customization but it isn't easy. Check these out, there are many more threads about it. https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11427&highlight=ammo+belt https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=26915&highlight=ammo+belt https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=29793&p=322400&viewfull=1#post322400
  11. @DN308 What do you mean modify the ammo belts and undercarriage? You can modify your ammo belts and residual belts. As for the undercarriage, not sure what you mean. @Mysticpuma Can you add that gear issue in the trk file to the bug tracker please? As for the grass, there is more of an issue with that and the code, right now all our efforts in that department is on Tobruk. We are still aware of it though.
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