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  1. You can make a specific aircraft only trigger events through scripting. Steamworks on ATAG has the agent pickup up and I have it to only work if a twin engine aircraft lands. The downside is this involves scripting, and lots of it, so not user friendly at all.
  2. I'll try to make something in the next week if I have time. The Spitfire video does have a little showcasing of the mist over the desert in the A.M.
  3. I had shot up the AI before that, so that bird was wounded. Plus I figured it was nice to see the new effects and the sand/dust color that we are messing around with with the planes hitting the ground. The AI work is still being worked on and improved. And to be fair to the AI, I nearly crashed myself there. 😀 Also, the spinning prop and prop textures are placeholders from another aircraft. The Martlet ones are finished now and will be imported on the next import.
  4. This thread has some info in it: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=28472&highlight=vorpx
  5. @Pauldoe ATAG will hold event like mentioned above. That is your best chance to get on when there are lots of people flying. Here is one: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=31013 People are waiting for the new expansion of North Africa to get back into the game. In the meantime, check out ATAG for the events, and also as mentioned above, fly in BoX as well. The more flight sims the better.
  6. TFS is the official group updating the game, creating addons, fixing bugs, so on. 5.0 will be the next addition, which is N. Africa and includes numerous changes, additions, fixes, new objects, aircraft, so on. As for convergence/belts... allied or axis, type of plane, so on. I prefer a mixture of AP and De Wilde in allied planes, can get some crispy axis planes that way. Convergence is pretty open ended. If you are a shaky stick you could do more of a shotgun type convergence to get hits, if you are a laser shooter then having a tighter group can get you kills with a burst or two. Just make multiple ones and save them, then load them up when you want to try different types.
  7. Have you tried all the issues listed in the joystick thread? I know people use that stick without a problem.
  8. The thread's title is Monthly Updates, and it has been going off lately about SP vs MP, CloD/Box. Take it to PMs if you'd like to continue that argument please. @Mysticpuma I believe the updates are being created now. Some will be photos, some videos so hard to say when. The photo ones shouldn't take too long as you know. Right now we are compiling shots from different departments and info. What to expect, not sure, probably a little of everything. Sound, bug fixes/additions, map work, new aircraft. The aircraft have been our coders/importers main priorities as of late, but we do have new objects, ships, so on being worked on. Once things are showcased by Bonkin/Pattle, as requested I'll post single images occasionally of small things that get changed when I can.
  9. Let's get back on topic of monthly updates of CloD please. Both SP and MP players are important, regardless. We are improving the SP side of CloD in numerous ways for 5.0. Please no getting in the last word. Thanks
  10. @Mysticpuma It is on the first page, May 30th. I posted a couple screens of the Martlet with the rest of the textures active. The video didn't have the updated textures for the plane. @No.54_Reddog Well that is fair, we can gather more screens and share them when no official updates are happening.
  11. @Missionbug Don't worry, we will be showing the stuff you are asking for. We probably want to finish and release 5.0 more than you all want to fly it, it has been a long, frustrating process but it is taking shape now which is rewarding. We are wrapped up in the tiny technical aspects right now on a lot of the elements, however that doesn't mean we forget what it is like to be waiting on a new game we want to play. It means that we will pass on an update, because even though some people may enjoy any news, we would get a lot of flak from others. For example, lets take the Martlet since it is one of my models. There is weekly, sometimes daily changes between myself, the coder/importer, and the texture team members. Most of it isn't update worthy. The gear animation is complex and takes a lot of tweaks and back and forth between modeler and importer/coder. We live halfway around the world and both have RL obligations so sometimes they are waiting on me to make a change but I have RL things to deal with for a week. Then I get to it, pass it along, but now they have RL things. What takes a professional studio a day to do could take us weeks because of our schedules. Sometimes it doesn't and we are passing back files within hours, but most the time it doesn't work like that. The texture artist and myself will go back and forth over the tiniest of details, which are not update worthy. He gives me his latest changes, I test them and try to look at everything, how is the weathering at 0%...50%....100%, what oil stains are missing, or I forgot to add the writing on the prop. The details are never ending but usually not update worthy because people just want to see the finished product. Yes we all test our own stuff, but if everyone posted updates or screens/videos it would be a free for all and not the way we want the updates to come out. Our update guys (Pattle/Bonkin) will be creating updates soon. Pattle is getting things together for his updates as we speak and Bonkin is gearing up to help with a video to showcase but it all is dependent on the time we have. Don't worry, 5.0 will be released.
  12. It's been ten days since we showed an entirely new, built from scratch aircraft in game, it is one of three brand new planes that are in game... not to mention a ton of variants of existing aircraft that are also in game. We'll have an official update in the next couple weeks I imagine.
  13. Can you be more specific regarding MP or SP? SP is odd, once you select the mission it is pretty easy. MP sometimes there can be issues, and sometimes you try to join a server when it is turning over.
  14. Bonkin is still here, he just has a bunch of projects in his RL job at the moment, but he is still working on a few things. Pattle just recently joined and is working in a few areas, but is also helping out in the updates. He has one in the works and once it is finished one of us will post it here. I just figured I'd post some shots just because, and I felt I needed to post a response in this board. I've been working more in the shadows the last 6 months because I've been working much more in RL lately, so my spare time was needed on all my projects rather than checking the boards. Now that I have more time, I'll be helping out when I can in other areas. 👍
  15. We'll have another update in the next couple weeks. Most the new planes are in game and being tested so we'll have some screens of all of those, including the 202, Martlet, Spits, 109Fs, D520, so on. There are a lot of fixes being made or been completed, and the new map looks great and is being populated. We will post the news when we have the news and have time. Like everyone knows because we've said it just as much as people have complained about it, we all have 40+ hour a week jobs and we work on this stuff during our time off, which varies greatly. If you don't want to buy 5.0 when it comes out, then cool. If you do, then cool. If you want to wait to see the reaction to those who buy it immediately, then cool. If you think CloD is dead and you won't be buying it, then there is no point in continuing to complain or make remarks about CloD. Go have fun flying BoX or DCS or whatever. @MP, I have respect for you and am grateful for all you did for TFS but please don't open this can of worms in public, no one smells like a rose with that particular situation. And why not: Here, have another:
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