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HTL The Last Bastion Strikes Back

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Salutations tankers, 
I have been working on this tank mission for several weeks. It features the M4a2 Sherman. Just finished adding some voice over files for immersion.


I decided to challenge myself with this mission attempt. By that I mean to attempt to produce multiple experiences for the player. 


This is a non historical set piece mission.
The player (You) needs to make decisions concerning which Task Force (TF) of your battalion to lend direct support. This choice will obviously add your tanking expertise to the TF blessed with your presence, Plus there will be an additional advantage given to the lucky TF. The fortunate Task Force will receive additional artillery to soften up enemy positions and possibly reduce friendly casualties. Your other TF will not receive such a limited allocation.


There are actually three assault battles that will be taking place. Two simultaneously trying to liberate the towns of Spas and Gryada as secondary objectives and then major one to recapture the Main Objective, Zarubovka.


This is somewhat like a mini tank campaign due to the distances between each battleground.  
  Basic Mission Situation: For the Russians, The past two days have been horrible. The German blitz had overrun and captured Zarubovka, Spas, Gryada, Stepnoya, Pravoe, Dubki and Dubki Airfield. Fortunately, a storm front moved in last night and it seems to have delayed further axis advances. 
  It has been determined to make a bold counter attack early this morning under the cover of darkness and take advantage of the poor weather conditionsAn outspoken and eager commander (You) has insisted upon deploying his, yet unproven, M4a2 battalion and be allowed to plan and direct the attacks. Your desperate superiors decided to give you your requests.


   You, the Battalion Commander, start where the black arrow is indicated on the map, North of Volkova. You are rushing to join your Task Forces.


 Please refer to the map below.


Please report any play anomalies for correction or improvement. Constructive comments will be very welcome. :coffee:


Place the included folders in your games Missions folder.






Thanks to YogiFlight for his comments and suggestions about this mission during its' development. It was appreciated. :salute:



HTL The Last Bastion Strikes Back.zip

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9 minutes ago, Shatterbraddw25 said:

I'm going to give this a try this afternoon. Thank for taking the time to put this together and share it, old friend!




I hope your trusty Sherman survives the ordeal. :salute:

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I had my first run and made it to the headquarter. Unfortunately my tank received two hits, one of them wounded the driver, the other one damaged the engine, which lost power and sounded very bad. After the message, we won, I wanted to park my tank at the headquarter, when suddenly the engine died and catched fire. Before I could look for an extinguisher, the game bailed me out. So after it served me that faithfully, my Col. Potter did not get the honor he had earned.:salute:

The mission was very entertaining and I had a lot of fun. There were one or two new challenges and all in all it was a real choice to play this mission. 

Well done Thad, thanks for creating and sharing this mission.:good:

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Thanks for the comments.


If you don't already have them, all of my missions can be downloaded from the link listed below. Check the bottom part of the posts for the mission folders. :salute:


Get and install the audio folder into your game missions folder too. It adds to the missions immersion.



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