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How to add layer of clouds?* Answered: Not possible

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I believe the only way to set double layer of clouds would be to editing the mission file directly. Have anyone done it? and if so, could you explain to us how to do it?


Edit: By the way,, I read your post @JimTM

On 11/17/2018 at 9:11 PM, JimTM said:

I did some tests and found that the 03_heavy_01 and 03_heavy_08 settings are the only ones that give you two cloud layers.

I just wanna know, If it's possible, how to add multi-layers of clouds. Adding an overcast over a scattered clouds. :help:


Thank you!

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We posted about this in several other threads already.

I cant' remember off the top of my head which pre-set it is...Heavy 09 maybe.

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