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  1. Yes, adjust the &order value in info.txt for each unpaid campaign (0=first, 1=second, etc.). Paid campaigns always appear first. For more about creating campaigns see here and here.
  2. Hi Wurger1955. Welcome to the community.
  3. The only issue I can think of is how people interpret the view (i.e., front view or rear view). I would say place the arrow assuming a front view (standard) and folks will figure it out.
  4. Very nice -332FG-Eggnog. I love the style of your infographics. I have one suggestion for you to consider: Add an arrow to the propeller circle on the front view to show which way the propellers turn. Perhaps have a small gap at the bottom of the circle with a small arrowhead on one side of the gap showing the direction of rotation.
  5. You can actually taxi the Spit without using brakes (except to stop). Just be very gentle with the throttle once you get it rolling. Apply some left or right rudder along with small throttle inputs to steer in a zig-zag pattern (to see the route ahead of you). It takes a bit of finesse, which comes with practice, so you can use some brake if you need to. Remember, once you start a turn, start to stop it. For example, apply some right rudder and a bit of throttle and once you start to turn right, apply some left rudder and a bit of throttle to prevent the turn from becoming a ground loop. Start out with very small turns and very gentle throttle application. Once you gain experience, you'll know how much rudder and throttle is enough. If necessary, you can use some left and right brake to help you steer if the plane gets away from you while taxiing, but I learned from someone that brake use is not the normal way to steer while taxiing.
  6. You can find more editor resources under "Mission Editor and Multiplayer Server Guides" in the IL-2 Resources post.
  7. Before you increase the boost, increase the RPM to accommodate that increased boost. For example, if you are at max. cruise setting (+7 boost, 2,650 RPM) and you want to go to combat power, increase prop to 2,850 RPM first and then increase throttle to +12 boost. If you want to go to emergency power, increase prop to 3,000 RPM first and then increase throttle to +18 (or +25 with 150 octane). Before you decrease the RPM, decrease the boost to accommodate that decreased RPM. For example, if you are at emergency setting (+18 or +25 boost, 3,000 RPM) and you want to go to combat power, decrease throttle to +12 boost first and then decrease prop to 2,850 RPM. If you want to go to cruise power, decrease throttle to +7 boost first and then decrease prop to 2,650 RPM. FYI, with 150 octane fuel, you need to switch the supercharger manually. On the first part of the landing, the rudder is still effective, so it's the main control to keep you from wandering. On the later part of the landing, the rudder is not effective so your brakes are the main control to keep you from wandering. Memorize the attitude of the plane on the ground and height above the ground and aim to duplicate that when you flare for landing. Approach at 95-100 mph, using a curving approach path so you can keep your eye on the touchdown point until the last seconds. 1. Land as straight as you can, pulling the stick right back and keeping it there as you land and roll out on the runway. 2. Watch for any small movements to the left or right and correct them immediately (this is critical) with quick stabs at the rudder (think of dancing on the pedals). You can also try quick stabs of brake if you go off track, but don't hold the brakes. 3. As you slow down, switch to quick stabs at the brakes to keep you on track until you stop or slow to a crawl.
  8. Easy. Just install that between chair and monitor.
  9. See "Manage Airfield Availability" on pg. 131 of the editor manual. Of course you are dealing with tank spawns and not airfields in your case.
  10. Have either of you seen this post?
  11. The separate DServer and the DServer that comes with IL-2 are exactly the same and are both proprietary. The separate DServer install has a directory structure that looks like IL-2 but it's a stripped-down version of IL-2 that just allows you to run a DServer. Besides the DServers just mentioned, the other option is to start a server from the Multiplayer or Coop screen inside IL-2, but that has issues with check zone triggers and proximity triggers (at least) right now.
  12. If you want, you can use the alternate account to log into the DServer that comes with IL-2 and then fly on that server.
  13. Yes, as long as you use the separate DServer that you can get free, not the one that comes with IL-2. Note that your server performance won't be as strong since you are using up some of the resources by flying on the same PC. See the details in Chapter 11 of the editor manual.
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