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  1. In the "Choose Plane" screen, be sure to select "Entente" or "Central Powers" on the left. To view the skins, click on the wrench icon beside your plane choice and then mouse over the skin names on the right. If you want a better view, start the viewer (Viewer.exe in your game directory under bin/viewer)
  2. The soldiers are associated with certain airfield objects like aircraft revetments or ammunition bunkers. As far as I can tell, the developers have not yet added any Western Europe-specific objects that have soldiers.
  3. Suggestions: Guessing here, but in startup.cfg (game folder under /data), check the values listed under [KEY = input] to see if any are not a number or a boolean value (i.e., 0 or 1) that are supposed to be. Here are my values: [KEY = input] exclusive = 1 input_map = "input.map" mouse_plane_control = 0 old_trackir = 0 See this post.
  4. FYI, there are more resources under "Mission Editor and Multiplayer Server Guides" in this post.
  5. Read the following in the editor manual: Save Objects, MCUs, and Groups (pg. 28) Import Saved Objects, MCUs, and Groups (pg. 29) Access Saved Objects, MCUs, and Groups in the Object Library (pg. 30) As Habu mentioned, you need to know the editor basics to be able to use the groups in your mission. At the very least read through "Chapter 2: Learning Basic Mission Editor Skills".
  6. I'm not sure if this will help you or not. Aside from the link above, there are more IL-2 resources listed here.
  7. Requiem posted this video on A-20 anti-shipping level bombing and skip bombing techniques where he demonstrates a weaving technique after the initial run (when the guns open up).
  8. I'll take a quick glance out to the wing over flying straight and level for 10 or 15 seconds, waiting for the gauge to register, hoping that &@$#*%& Me262 doesn't blow you into little Spit bits any day!
  9. Try reducing your resolution (game and monitor) to 1280 x 720. I find that the lower resolution makes it much easier for me to spot bandits at least 4 or 5 km away. It may not be the best solution for great looking graphics but I don't find it too bad. Hopefully the high-resolution spotting issue will improve in the future. Give the lower res a test and see what you think. By the way, the cloud issue was improved in the last release: 4. The issue with planes visually disappearing against the clouds at short distances has been minimized;
  10. When I wrote the manual, I could not get the POI to work (or I did not understand exactly how it was supposed to work) so I deferred the doc on it. For what it's worth, here are some information sources: Translator AI POI (includes a link to an RoF forum post) General FME Questions #1 - Answer to Question 2 I have not looked at POI since I wrote the manual so there may be some new info in the first bullet above.
  11. It's the same effect but in reverse--light when zoomed out, dark when zoomed in.
  12. The attachment is a zip file with two missions, not a track or video. When I run the Tempest mission, the Tempests have white highlights and when I zoom in the highlights are gone and the darker camouflage takes over. Alternate visibility is off.
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