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  1. This mission stops the train at the waypoints at each station. The OP asked how to stop the train between the waypoints.
  2. You can deactivate the check zone, using this setup: Check Zone ------->---<------ Deactivate Trigger Target link the check zone to the deactivate trigger and target link the deactivate trigger to the check zone.
  3. Regarding manuals, see here.
  4. Also, there are more TC resources under "Tank Guides" in this post.
  5. Note that when you are in IL-2, the new skins will not show up in the default list. You need to go into the "Custom" list.
  6. Another method is documented in "Manage Airfield Availability" on pg. 131 of the editor manual, but I have not tested it in quite awhile.
  7. @ShamrockOneFive, I notice that the event schedule is a bit off: Friday May 1 -> Friday, April 30 Saturday May 2 -> Saturday May 1 Sunday May 3 -> Sunday May 2 Cheers!
  8. I think there's a subtle hint somewhere in that message. I'll try and cook up a mass of something. Looking forward to another great Sturmovikfest!
  9. You're welcome IckyATLAS, but thanks should rightly go to JG4_dingsda for the tip I linked to.
  10. The Media Translator MCU requires webm video format now, but you need to change the file extension from .webm to .bik.
  11. Beside your throttle bind in IL-2, click the hook icon ("Invert").
  12. Sure, but do you have a link to the videos; I just see the Amazon link.
  13. See this post for plenty of resources to help you out.
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