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  1. See "Detect Objects Entering or Exiting an Area" and "Example: Detect a Reconnaissance Plane Entering and Exiting an Area", starting on pg. 82 of the editor manual.
  2. JimTM

    Avro Lancaster collector's plane!?

    I think we need another poll! I'll fly it day, night, rain, shine, high, low, fast, slow,...
  3. JimTM

    Train Attack Woes

    Comments: Remove the target link from Bf-110 WP-5 to WP 6. WP 6 is overriding the attack command. Remove the target link from the counter to WP 6. Add a force complete command (to stop the attack) and a two-second timer, both triggered by the counter. Have the two-second timer trigger WP 6.
  4. I assume that you created the counter to stop the dogfight once the Russian event message conditions were satisfied for 2 planes. If you want the enemy to break away from the fight if they are damaged, select the AI Return to Base Decision option in the advanced properties (see pg. 210 of the editor manual). Note that when planes RTB, they head to the nearest friendly airfield object (in this case, Lapino).
  5. Here's an He111 "carpet bomb" attack on an area that includes a factory. You are in an FW190, following the formation. JimTMTestAttackArea.zip Note: Formation is "Dense" (you can play with this if you like). Formation, pre-target waypoints, and attack area are all at 2,000m. Path to the target is fairly straight. Attack Ground is selected. OnBingoBombs event from He111 leader or OnKilled event from the factory trigger a 1x counter that in turn triggers "Stop Attack" and then RTB via waypoint WP3. I recommend that you avoid large changes in altitude or direction close to the target, otherwise the AI wingmen just lose it and fall out of formation fast. If the AI keep a fairly good formation, you should see three sticks of bombs fall on the factory area. Place some other objects in the attack area and try your luck.
  6. JimTM

    The Groups Sharing Corner

    You don't need the formation command MCUs. The train will move once a waypoint is triggered. The demo mission from the manual will work if you run the "Resave all missions in folder" menu item on the folder containing the mission.
  7. Are you saying that they land at Lapino or Yantar? Are you (as the leader) still intact? Presumably, the wingmen should follow you home and land once you trigger the land command by flying through Waypoint 2.
  8. JimTM

    Avro Lancaster collector's plane!?

    Nice summary of some of the considerations Avimimus, thanks. I voted for adding the Lanc. However, I'm thinking longer-term, assuming support for the IL-2 products grows stronger and it makes sense to the dev team with respect to their overall objectives. If they are thinking of a Korea offering, perhaps some Lanc experience would set the table for a B-29 (and even a B-17 for earlier offerings). Shorter-term though, I'd love a Mosquito!
  9. Comments: You should not spawn formations. The wingmen ignore any commands given to the flight leader. If you want, you can clear the "Enable" option from all members of the flight and activate the leader (activate trigger) rather than spawning the leader. However, for a simple mission, I would not bother with activating since the planes don't use up many resources. Add a target link from the counter to Trigger Timer id: 1259, which then triggers the RTB waypoints for both sides. The object damage setting in the advanced properties determines how much damage it takes to generate an OnDamaged event message, which then triggers the counter. See "Damage Report" and "Damage: (Threshold|Step)" on pg. 211 of the editor manual.
  10. There is no MCU for mission objectives in a single-player mission. In both SP and MP, you set up MCUs that reflect the conditions necessary for victory. For example, once a counter detects three factories destroyed, it triggers a message and a 30-second timer, which then triggers a mission end translator. In the MP scenario, the counter can also trigger a mission objective translator, which shows the victory message in the results screen. UPDATE: Note that the behaviour of the mission objective translator (used in multiplayer) has changed and the change may be a bug. Now, the translator ends the mission after the time specified in the "Mission end timeout" setting on the DServer. Before, the translator determined only what victory message was displayed in the post-mission stats screen or (optionally) whether 50 points were deducted if a secondary objective was satisfied.
  11. X Plane 11 : Flyjsim Dash 8 Q400 : Tutorial 1 Startup (this one was featured in an NBC news report on the incident) X Plane 11 : Flyjsim Dash 8 Q400 : Tutorial 2 Pushback Taxi and Lineup X Plane 11 : Flyjsim Dash 8 Q400 : Tutorial 3 Flight Management System X Plane 11 : Flyjsim Dash 8 Q400 : Tutorial 4 Takeoff, Climb, Cruise & Autoflight X Plane 11 : Flyjsim Dash 8 Q400 : Tutorial 5 Descent, Approach, Landing & Shutdown