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  1. Update: In the opening post, added "Default Key Command Lists" link under "Game, Mission Editor, and Multiplayer Server Guides".
  2. In the Checkzones group for runway lights for each country, object link the Start Inside Sphere activate trigger and the Stop Outside Sphere deactivate trigger to all the runway lights. Also, I believe you need to change the seachlights to landlights, but maybe Sketch had something else in mind for how the group works.
  3. He once did a barrel roll with actual barrels on the wings (full of Dos Equis). He once steered a proper course using the most interesting compass in the world. He can turn so tight that he once accidentally got on his own tail and shot himself down. ...
  4. Actually, smoke from larger fires (such as from burning cities or villages) moves in the direction in which the smoke effect was placed on the map by the mission builder. Ideally, the effect is placed to correspond with the wind direction. Windsocks, and smoke from small fires and vehicles (including ships I assume) automatically follow the wind.
  5. In the opening post, I resaved the English-language sample missions for v3.101. @-=PHX=-Trenkos, let me know if you have an updated Spanish version of the missions that you would like me to post.
  6. I'll leave it to others to fill in the details of the BoB ("Cliffs of Dover" or "CloD") and IL-2 1946 story, but in a nutshell: CloD came out after IL-2 1946 and both are stand-alone games published by 1CGS. The current IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad (BoS), Battle of Moscow (BoM) etc. uses the game engine from Rise of Flight (published by 777 Studios) rather than the original game engine for CloD and IL-2 1946. CloD is currently being developed by Team Fusion Simulations. Rise of Flight is being replaced by Flying Circus. Tank Crew has been added to the 1CGS/777 stable. For more information on the sims (except for CloD and 1946), see IL-2 Sturmovik Resources.
  7. See Requiem's latest video: Requiem also has videos on the other planes in the sim. See "Aircraft Guides" in the IL-2 Resources post.
  8. Check for the gray left arrow at the bottom right of your screen. Click the arrow and the settings panel slides out.
  9. Lol. Sounds like the Monty Python travel agent sketch.
  10. Did he have his chalk board with him? It's just not the same without the chalk board. Wish I were there. Go Jason! Show 'em all why we love this sim!
  11. Although it is important to have an altitude advantage (if possible) before you engage an opponent, I sometimes like to go on the Berloga server and purposely fly under the opponents. That gives me some practice defending against a boom-and-zoom. Of course, you want to avoid flying under multiple opponents, unless you really want a challenge.
  12. This thread has some good tips for online beginners. One thing I'll add is if you type a chat message meant for your side only, DO NOT press Enter, which sends the message to both sides. Instead, press Cntl+Enter (I believe that's the default), which sends the message to your side only.
  13. See this post and the replies to it (although I'm not sure that the solution in the post will work at night with no searchlights).
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