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  1. FYI, you can do multi-camera editing in Blender for free but I imagine that Davinci Resolve Pro takes that to the next level and then some. I was playing around with the feature in Blender. I have three tracks, recorded from different angles, displayed in multiple boxes. The multi-camera feature makes it easy to switch between views on the fly.
  2. Have the Complex Trigger also trigger a Deactivate Trigger that is object-linked back to the Complex Trigger.
  3. Did you use the method linked to in this post (also see the follow-up posts after that one)? Just after this post, Juri_JS said that the radio comm functionality I wrote about worked again. I have not done any follow-up tests yet.
  4. Please note that in my tests yesterday, a spawned player in a dogfight mission run on the DServer is detected by the check zone and proximity triggers. I don't know if this applies to all players that spawn on a DServer mission; I only tested this by myself on the server. UPDATE: The check zone and proximity triggers were set to detect allied planes and the player is allied.
  5. Yes. In the example you show, each time the FW190 comes within the "Detect Close" proximity, the convoy stops.
  6. Hmmm. What is the directory pointed to in the .list file of your resaved mission?
  7. I tested allied plane detection (including a player) with check zone and proximity triggers in MP dogfight missions and confirmed that the player is detected in a mission started on DServer but is not detected on a mission started on the in-game server. An AI Pe-2 is detected in both cases if it is allowed to enter the detection zone first. Here are the checkzone and proximity test missions: JimTM - Test MP Check Zone and Proximity Triggers.zip Unzip the missions into your game folder \data\Multiplayer\Dogfight In each mission you can spawn in a P-39 and make a left turn to enter the detection zone. When you spawn in, an AI Pe-2 outside the zone is sent to a waypoint within the detection zone. You have time to enter the zone before the Pe-2 and trigger detection. If an allied plane is detected, you will see a "Checkzone triggered" or "Proximity triggered" message on the top right. Both missions have a 25km detection zone, marked with icon translators. There is also an ndb with a 40km spotter radius so you can monitor all planes on the map. The proximity trigger is object lined to the ndb and coalition is set to Allies.
  8. I'm not sure if Gramps was referring to the issue logged in this bug, which had an example of a check zone working with a player plane in a dogfight mission run from a DServer, but the same scenario would not work if the mission was run from the in-game server. I'm not sure if the behaviour has changed since the bug was logged.
  9. The large airfield icons, such as a star for Russian fields, are just for spawn points in multiplayer. I don't play singleplayer so I'm not sure what the airfield icons look like in the official campaigns. When you build campaigns, you can add a Adobe Flash "tactical overlay" over your map, which gives you more graphical options. Maybe that's where the icons are coming from. For more information on campaign construction, see here.
  10. Not "radial number" but "radio number", i.e., the radio frequency. Once you sign up for the upcoming Friday Night flights, Sketch emails you the mission briefing (usually a day or two before the event). The briefing includes a flight leader frequency and a frequency for each flight. SRS defaults to 251.000 AM and 30.000 FM, which are common channels that everyone can hear. Sketch uses 30.000 FM to check in with everyone at the start and then everyone is supposed to start using the flight channels and leaders are supposed to use the leader channel and their flight channel. Glad you are joining us Stoopy. See you on Friday. Btw, Sketch, the url for the SRS setup video in the opening post includes %C2%A0, which causes a 404 not found.
  11. The release notes for hotfix 4.006b includes this line: 2. Technochat can be disabled locally even if it enabled on a multiplayer server; So I assume that means that in your plane you can press Esc, go to Settings > Basic Options, and under Interface, set Ingame Messages to Off.
  12. Sorry, I was thinking of a multiplayer mission when I replied. Airfield objects do not show up in singleplayer missions. If you want to mark the airfield location, you can use an icon translator with (optionally) the Icon ID set to Airfield, but this does not indicate the side that the airfield is on.
  13. Sounds like it's either a bug or the message logic has changed to treat all landings outside the enemy influence area by a damaged planes as forced landings.
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