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  1. You could also link event OnObjectFinishedAlive from the player plane to the end mission translator.
  2. I looked at your mission and I did not see a blue arrow, but I did see a big gray blob that was trying to be an arrow. That issue is because your "TI" waypoints are all set to line type "Attack", which creates an arrow to mark attack directions on the map (see pg. 258 in the manual - i.e., the page number on the manual, not the PDF reader pg. number). Try line type Position 1 or 2 instead.
  3. Please post your mission. Check if there are any influence area translators in your mission tree. Did you click on the Draw Icon button to hide icons? Aside: If you click Translate in Chrome to translate a post and then reply to the post, some of the words that you type may be replaced. E.g., Chrome kept on replacing "influence" with "impact" in this post. I had to reopen this thread to complete my post without changes.
  4. Thanks WWSittingDuck! I noticed that the "1" and "2" buttons on the far right of the toolbar toggle the boxes and lines respectively.
  5. Look under the "Mission Editor and Multiplayer Server Guides" section of the IL-2 Sturmovik Resources post.
  6. I just crashed in a field in a D-9 and could not finish flight; I could only leave the server (stalingrad_scramble mission).
  7. Try 03_Heavy_01 (height 600-1,300m) or 03_Heavy_08 (height 600-1,200m). I'm not sure whether other settings produce dual-layer clouds.
  8. You can find a link to the user manual and much more information here. There are a few Flying Circus (and Rise of Flight) specific links in that post.
  9. Is this a multiplayer mission? If so: Check that you removed the .mission file from the DServer mission folder, because downloading that file can take a lot more time than the .msnbin file. I'm not sure if the same issue occurs with the in-game server. Try the solutions to "Players Cannot Join a Multiplayer Mission, No Error Message" on pg. 184 of the editor manual.
  10. There are a couple of performance-related posts near the end of the "Game Guides" section in the IL-2 Sturmovik Resources post.
  11. I took a look at your mission and your setup appears OK. I tried the following without success each time: Moving the taxi points further out from each plane Moving the initial taxi point in front of the leader Switching the order of planes so that the leader was not passing planes as it taxied. I saw this difficulty with another open-field taxi scenario but could not solve the issue. There may be an issue with certain plane models, certain maps, open field versus runway terrain, or just AI taxiing in general. Careful testing is needed.
  12. Like so: Begin -----> T1 : 2s -----> Spawn -----> Plane | | T2 : 2s -----> Takeoff-----------+ Two-second timer T1 is recommended to ensure that the mission finishes loading. T1 can be longer if you like. T1 triggers the spawn and T2. T2 waits 2 seconds for the spawn to complete and then triggers the takeoff command. You can specify a short time (e.g., 100ms) if you want takeoff to occur right after the plane spawns or you can specify as long a time as you like.
  13. Just one thing missing: an object link from "Go Home 2200" to the plane.
  14. Can you please elaborate re. the attack MCU timer Gambit21. Were you running into a particular issue with the timer that prompted the switch to an external timer trigger? Re. command behaviour, I assume you meant force complete high, right?
  15. Just to be clear: Attack Command: Attack the target-linked object. Attack Area Command: - Attack Ground: Attack the entire attack area (i.e., carpet bomb) - Attack Ground Targets: Attack any object within the attack area (no links to objects involved)
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