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  1. You do not need the formation commands to make the train move to the next waypoint. The "START Trigger Timer" triggers the waypoint and starts the train. See "Make a Train Follow a Route" on pg. 70 of the editor manual for the correct setup. Re. the complex trigger: The "Events Filter" entry at the top of the advanced properties has to match the "On Events Table" output at the bottom. Change your "On Events Table" entry to "OnObjectEntered". Are you sure about all the scripts you specified versus the country you specified? Are all those different planes British? If not, remove the scripts from non-British planes from the list.
  2. Try 03_Heavy_01 or 03_Heavy_08. You can test out various cloud settings in the editor and view them using the 3-D view. See the following in the editor manual (written before multi-layer clouds implemented): Mission Atmosphere Options Dialog (pg. 205) Toggle Between the 2-D (Ortho) View and the 3-D View (pg. 13) Move Up/Down in the 3-D View (pg. 13) Look in Any Direction in the 3-D View (pg. 13)
  3. Thanks for the feedback and for working on the German version J99_Himmelhund. I'm not working on an update at the moment. Hopefully, I'll have an opportunity to pick it up again in the future and port it over to WordPress. The force complete command Priority option works as written for lights, as demonstrated in this simple mission (press F12 to access camera focused on lights): JimTM - Test Force Complete Lights.zip Do you have a mission where the lights don't come on?
  4. Perhaps the solution lies in many new people visiting all the links on this page.
  5. Re. my bug report, I tested the A-20 on the Kuban map (solo, in my own DServer) and on Combat box in the BoBP map (~52 players). Here are my results, flying short circuits of the airfield each time: My DServer, Kuban: I tried flying a Yak-1 first and then the A-20 as well as flying the A-20 first. On both occasions, the inlet shutters worked fine. Combat Box, BoBP: I tried flying a Spitfire IX first and then the A-20. The inlet shutters worked fine. I think that you can mark this problem fixed for now. As far as I know, I'm the only person to have had this problem. When I can, I'll try to use the A-20 after flying other planes when I'm online and see if the problem ever reoccurs. Thanks for your attention on this.
  6. Re. situation 1: Are you creating a single-player mission? Are you creating the mission in one language? Do you have any earlier versions of the mission? If so, check for the subtitle content in the language files (.eng, .ger, etc.).
  7. No need to pay. You can get one right here.
  8. I noticed the problem on a Combat Box Kuban map, when I flew the A-20 after flying some fighter sorties first (I think I flew one or two fighter sorties but I don't remember if I returned safely from them). If I joined the Kuban map and flew the A-20 first, the problem did not occur. I have flown the A-20 on a Combat Box BoBP map after flying fighters first (if I remember correctly) and the problem did not occur. I'll try and run some more tests on an online Kuban and BoBP map to see if the problem reoccurs.
  9. Do you get the same readings on the ground?
  10. Shamrockonefive covers the change in his Stormbirds blog.
  11. The Bendix indicator is just the the right of your vertical speed indicator. You need to select the Bendix receiver in the setup panel for the plane. Also, the mission maker has to setup radio beacons for your side at locations on the map. The receiver will pick up the closest friendly beacon. If you are heading in the general direction of the radio beacon, the needle indicates the direction of the beacon relative to your current heading. For example, if the needle is to the left, turn to the left until the needle is centered. If the needle is swinging abruptly from one side to the next or it's moving in the opposite direction to what you expect, you are going the wrong way and you need to turn around. The German radio direction receiver has two needles (vertical needle for direction and horizontal needle for range) and it works the opposite way to the Bendix. In this case, think of the vertical needle as the direction of your plane, and the center marker on the gauge showing the direction of the radio beacon. For example, if the needle is to the left, your plane is pointed to the left of the beacon. In this case, turn to the right until the needle is centered.
  12. You can object link a CZ to multiple planes and it will detect only those planes. However, if two or more of those planes occupy the zone at the same time, the CZ will only detect the first entry. Once all of those planes have left the zone, the CZ will again detect the first of those planes to enter again. On the other hand, the complex trigger translator can detect each entry into the zone. Here is a demo mission in which three He111s pass through a CZ: JimTM - Test Check Zone Multi-Plane Detection.zip The first and last He-111 are detected, but the middle on is not because it is not object linked to the CZ. For simplicity, I'm using a single waypoint linked to all the He111s in the demo. In this setup, only the first plane would trigger the waypoint and trigger any other logic connected to the waypoint. See the following topics in the editor manual: Check Zone Trigger on page 276 Complex Trigger Translator on page 252
  13. Update: Added the following to the opening post: Game Guides LIBERATOR's High-Flying Tutorials: - Glossary of Terms - Lesson No.1 - Liftoff - Lesson No.4 - Response Curves (some content refers to Rise of Flight interface) Mission Editor and Multiplayer Server Guides Alonzo's Custom Ping Kicker for Servers Skinning Guides Tutorials by SOLID KREATE (SPEKTRE76 in IL-2 Sturmovik Forum): - Using Alpha Channels - Beginners Skinning Tutorial - Part 2 - Using the Single Pixel Marquee Tool - Beginners Skinning Tutorial Aircraft Guides Pros and Cons: Allied aircraft of IL-2 Battle of Bodenplatte (by Sherrif) Pros and Cons: Luftwaffe aircraft of IL-2 Battle of Bodenplatte (by Sherrif) Flying Guides and Utilities LIBERATOR's High-Flying Tutorials: - Glossary of Terms - Lesson No.1 - Liftoff - Lesson No.2 - Touchdown - Lesson No.3 - Angle of Attack - Lesson No.5 - Engine Management - Lesson No.7 - Gyroscopic Forces - Lesson No.9 - Spins & Recovery - Lesson No. 11 - Slow Flight Air Combat Guides LIBERATOR's High-Flying Tutorials: - Glossary of Terms - Lesson No.6 - To Battle - Part 1 - Energy Management - Part 2 - Shooting - Lesson No.8 - Defensive Maneuvers - Lesson No.10 - Downing Multiseaters IL2 Sturmovik: Fw 190A High speed deflection shooting (by opcode) IL2 Sturmovik: Bf 109G tactics vs bombers (by opcode) IL2 Sturmovik: Bf 109G energy tactics, defense, and decisionmaking (by opcode) IL2 Sturmovik: Yak-1b energy tactics and the scissors (by opcode) Il-2 Sturmovik: Training Video - Dealing with B&Z attacks and initializing scissors ENG/GER (by MisogiWaAikidoDesu) German with subtitles Risky Business - Defensive 190 Vs. P-51 || IL-2 GB (by I Fly Central) Il-2 Sturmovik: Training Video - Developing Tactics ENG/GER (by MisogiWaAikidoDesu) German with subtitles
  14. Would you be able to post your test mission here? If I ever get back to updating the manual, I'd like to fill in the blanks re. the camera point trigger.
  15. Here are some high-level processes to add or remove an icon from a group: Add an Icon to a Group 1. Select the group and the icon and make them into a new group. Name the new group NewMyGroup, where MyGroup is name of the original group. 2. Make the new group the working group. 3. Ungroup the original group. 4. Reset the working group. 5. Delete "New" from the name of the new group. Remove an Icon from a Group 1. Make the group the working group. 2. Select the icons that must remain in the group and make them into a new group. Name the new group NewMyGroup, where MyGroup is name of the original group. 3. Reset the working group. 4. Ungroup the original group. 5. Delete "New" from the name of the new group.
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