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  1. Cool song. This was my first thought until I read more of your post:
  2. You can also use the Animation Operator Translator (see pg. 157 in the editor manual). Check how you have set up the Damage Report and Damage: (Threshold|Step) options in the object advanced properties (see pg. 211 in the editor manual).
  3. That's correct. The Merlin rotates right and the Napier rotates left.
  4. I tested this back in 2015-2016 and it did not work. Maybe it works now.
  5. And, after all that, people still complain about the @%$# mission editor.
  6. There are lots of resources here.
  7. In the Command mission, you activate the vehicles (activate trigger). In the Bison mission, you spawn the vehicles (spawner trigger). That may be the difference that allows Command to work, but Bison to fail. As I mentioned, spawned AI (with the spawner trigger) ignore commands given to the leader by an MCU, so they may also ignore commands given by you. That's my theory anyway.
  8. Spawned AI ignore commands given to an AI leader. Maybe it's a similar situation here, that is, the spawned AI ignore commands given by a human leader.
  9. You have the spawner trigger object linked to the tank that you want to occupy.
  10. Maybe the general idea given in "Example: Spawn an AI Fighter at Random Locations Whenever a Player Enters a Zone" on pg. 112 of the manual would help you.
  11. The flag shown by the flag object appears to be based on the coalition (Axis or Allies). All Allied coalition countries get the USSR flag and all Axis coalition countries get the German flag.
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