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  1. Try raising the height of the smoke to the level of the top of the chimney (the Y property in the effect properties). Otherwise, please zip and post your mission.
  2. Since I do not own the map, I cannot run the mission to troubleshoot. I don't see anything obviously wrong with your setup. The only thing I found unusual was that the vehicles need to reverse direction at waypoint 3546 and go back to the nearby waypoint 3549 before heading north. However, I'm not sure there's any reason why that should not work. Perhaps try extracting just the MCUs and objects directly involved in the issue and place them in a simple mission on the Lapino map. See if it runs properly.
  3. If you have not already, see "Make a Vehicle Follow a Route" on pg. 67 of the editor manual. The example mission in the manual uses a delay timer for the first formation command (onroad) but not for the second formation command (offroad). The mission works as shown, but it may be better to include a delay for the second timer.
  4. So, it does not obey Command Formation (id: 3561) in 0406-4, right? You have an onroad formation command id: 3544 at the right side of 0506-7. Does the vehicle follow the road to the Northwest and then turn at the T junction in 0406-2? If that's the case, it seems that the vehicle would reach waypoint 3546 and then turn around and go back to waypoint 3549, a few meters down the road. Note: I don't think you need the first offroad Command Formation (id: 3499) in 0506-7. Do the following: Trigger the first waypoint, "Waypoint Follow me" and place the waypoint on the road. Target link "Waypoint Follow me" to waypoint id:3544 at the T junction in 0506-7 Target link "Waypoint Follow me" to a 1s delay timer, target link the timer to an onroad formation command, and object link the formation command to the vehicle 3495. Remove all the waypoints between "Waypoint Follow me" and waypoint id:3544.
  5. Note: After you follow the procedure above, you need to resave the mission.
  6. Just the .mission file. From the manual: Do the following: 1. In the mission editor, open _gen.mission, which is in your game folder under \data\Missions. Note: _gen.mission is the latest mission that you played. 2. In the Mission Properties Dialog (pg. 208), specify a new name in the Name field and change the other properties as needed. 3. Save the mission under a new name.
  7. \data\Missions\ folder. _gen.mission is the last mission that you played. See "Edit the Mission That You Just Played" on pg. 48 of the editor manual. Note: I believe that the second bullet in that topic is not valid.
  8. I think you and Habu are correct about mtree for SP and MP (dogfight and coop).
  9. I could be wrong, but I think mtree is for single-player missions and ttree is for tracks.
  10. Try adding a 2 second timer before the formation command. -----> Waypoint Y -----> Waypoint Z | +----------------> Timer: 2s ---------> Formation: Offroad If that does not work, please post your mission.
  11. frogglesim posted a video about Simmers Without Borders, which is supporting the folding@home application. This application allows us to help find a vaccine to solve the COVID-19 pandemic. https://www.simmerswithoutborders.org https://foldingathome.org/
  12. I don't know anything about implementing user skins so I can't help you there.
  13. Rather than spawning the formation, activate it with the activate trigger. As far as I know, you only need to activate the leader to activate the formation. See "Deactivate or Activate an Object While a Mission is Running" on pg. 114 of the editor manual. Clear the Enabled checkbox for all the He111s.
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