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  1. Welcome! There are navigation resources under "Flying Guides and Utilities" in this post. Tips for "staying alive" (..staying alive...ah, ah, ah ,ah, staying alive) can be found under "Air Combat Guides" in the same post. Enjoy!
  2. There are some TC resources here, under "Tank Guides".
  3. Lol, I didn't pick up on the cheeky Canadian reference on the bomb bay door...sorry about that!
  4. In the the following MP mission, "Tank Spawn 2" is invisible until you drive close to the Russian banner along the road: JimTM - Test Activate Spawn Point.zip Once the new spawn point appears, it's visible to all players. I learned about this activate/deactivate behaviour in this post. Thanks LLv34_Temuri!
  5. I don't remember testing these two events but I think Jaegermeister's impression re. "On Finished Stationary and Alive" is probably correct. I think "Object Stationary and Alive" probably works the same way except it will fire once the plane (or tank??) stops moving within the zone and is still alive. Re. check zone detection of landing objects, see this post (and the two posts following) and this post (and the three posts following).
  6. See 7.6 HIDE HUD on pg. 38 of the User Manual. FYI, there are many more resources listed in this post.
  7. SRS = Simple Radio Standalone. Here's an install video Sketch made regarding use in Friday Night Flights on the Combat BoX training server.
  8. The only thing I can think of is that there is no timer trigger delay between the mission start MCU and the check zone. However, I'm not sure if this would cause the problem. I would need to see the whole mission to spot any other issues.
  9. No, you need to object link to the player plane. Do the following: 1. Set the group as the working group. 2. Select all of the check zone MCUs that you want to in the group. For example, press Cntl and click on each check zone. 3. Press Shift+O. Your cursor changes to Object. 4. Right click in a blank space and choose Reset Working Group. 5. Click on the player plane. Object links are created from all of the check zone MCUs to the player plane.
  10. Re. placing groups anywhere, see "Import Saved Objects, MCUs, and Groups" on pg. 29 of the editor manual. Re. placing groups in the /mission folder for access in the "Groups" library, see "Access Saved Objects, MCUs, and Groups in the Object Library" on pg. 30 of the editor manual. Re. organizing groups to access in the "Groups" section of the objects library, I created two subfolders under /missions where I place all my groups: Groups - For groups that I want to keep and use Groups - Temp - For groups that I am trying out That way, in the "Groups" section, the permanent groups appear first, followed by the temporary groups.
  11. Thanks to Requiem for creating videos for...you name it!
  12. Requiem has a video on the subject.
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