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  1. JimTM

    Sticky Posts

    What if there was a sub-forum of each main forum that contained all the sticky posts. You could call it something like "Sticky Posts" or "Essential Posts". For instance: General Discussion > Essential Posts. You wouldn't necessarily need the sub-forum for every forum, just the ones with a lot of sticky posts.
  2. JimTM

    Does "damage report" still work?

    What's the durability for the factory? Can you post your mission (or even a small test mission) please.
  3. Re. the "Missions" box in the topmost dialog of your screenshot, I'm not sure how the full path for the mission got there. I tried selecting a mission from the \data\Multiplayer\Dogfight folder of my DServer installation and "Missions" showed "Dogfight\JimTMBasicMPDogfight", which is normal. Try selecting missions for yourself and see if it works OK. Make sure that you select missions from either "\data\Multiplayer\Dogfight" or "\data\Multiplayer\Cooperative" folder in your DServer folders.
  4. JimTM

    Does "damage report" still work?

    Given that the default durability for a factory is 25000, I'm not sure if a durability of 99 would stand up to a 50kg bomb. Others who have done a lot of damage testing may have some good suggestions. Here's a couple of posts that discuss the durability issue. I'll try and come up with some ballpark recommendations for the next edition of the manual. - Durability Values - Durability Values Post Kuban Release Re. the "step" damage settings and 99, 75, 25, and 1 damage values, you get a message each time another 99%, 75%, 25%, and 1% (respectively) of the factory is damaged.
  5. As per my PM to you: If you activate plane objects linked to a proximity trigger, you have to wait for the activation to complete before you trigger the proximity MCU. I'll update the editor manual accordingly. I have attached a simple test mission with a 2x counter that is triggered once the He111s and Yaks are activated. The counter triggers the proximity MCU. hbbmoskaukampagne - Test Prox 2.zip
  6. JimTM

    Sharing media in missions?

    Actually, my manual doesn't cover restrictions on file locations for the animation operator translator and the media translator. I'll need to do some testing to determine the restrictions for all media types. If someone definitely knows all the restrictions already, please let me know as that will save me a whole lot of time. Thanks! Aside: Here's some corrections to the manual regarding image files in the media translator.
  7. JimTM

    Level flight with one engine out on Hs129

    F.Y.I. make sure that you understand and use the techniques described in these Requiem videos to give you the best chance when flying with a dead engine on a twin (although it's not always possible to avoid descent, you can minimize it): Principles #13 - Multi-Engine Basics Principles #14 - Multi-Engine Advanced
  8. I ran some image tests and it looks like the current doc on "Background Color RGB" and "Opacity" (taken from the RoF editor manual) is not accurate (at least as far as image goes). Here's the revised doc for image: Background Color RGB The RGB color of the screen background to use if you choose "Image" in the "Media Type" drop-down list. In the three boxes, type numbers between 0 and 255 to specify the red (R), green (G), and blue (B) components of the color. For example 255, 0, 0 is red, 0, 255, 0 is green, 0,0,0 is black, and 255, 255, 255 is white. Note: 0,0,0 (Black) gives you a transparent background. All other values give you a 100% opaque background. Opacity Not implemented.
  9. Yes, I was quoting from the updated version. Sorry for the confusion.
  10. Use whatever program you like. I don't know why your background is white.
  11. You need to resize the image in a raster graphics program such as GIMP (free). For example, if you have your game resolution set to 1920 x 1080 pixels, you need to reduce your image to much smaller than that to avoid blocking your view. Here's a test mission: JimTM - Test Pictures.zip Picture fades in, stays 30s, then fades out. The picture is in the mission folder.
  12. Sorry, pg. 269 in your manual. I was reading from a draft manual with all the updates so far. No Thad, you can't have it.