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  1. You could try some of the options in the Adobe Reader View menu and see if that helps. For instance, Page Display, Zoom, Read Mode, and Full Screen Mode. Re. zooming in to read the text, you could right click on the text and choose Hand Tool, which allows you to click and drag the page around to view different parts of it rather than scrolling. See user manual about keybindings, which includes several posts describing each keybind. There are also other posts re. keybinds under "Game Guides" in the IL-2 Resources post.
  2. I've crashed out of the server twice in the past couple of day, shortly after I joined. Once I joined the second time though, the mission ran OK.
  3. There is some ground fog (no haze) if you select a cloud setting with an odd number at the end. The fog only shows up around dawn and dusk and is really only noticeable when you are up in the air. It's also only noticeable outside 10 km or so, and in the general direction of the sun. You can try various setting in the editor 3-D view to see the effect.
  4. I assume by "object" you really mean MCU (you cannot t/l a complex trigger to an object). So, you are not seeing, for example, Trigger Timer (id: 9152) in the target list? Perhaps you should post your mission.
  5. The PDF manual is in landscape mode, two columns. In Acrobat reader, at 100%, you read down the left column, and then down the right column. Then you scroll to the next page. Are you seeing something different?
  6. Check zones work in online coops and dogfight missions if you run the mission on a DServer. They do not work if you run the mission on the server started in-game.
  7. See pg. 198 of the editor manual. MCU SEL Draw MCU links for selected objects. Displays the outgoing links from the selected objects or MCUs. Outgoing links have an arrow that points away from the icon. MCU UNSE Draw MCU links for non-selected objects. Displays the outgoing links from objects or MCUs that are not selected. Outgoing links have an arrow that points away from the icon.
  8. Confirmed! You're right IckyATLAS. You cannot use Add to Selection for items more than one level below the top mission item (i.e., "My Mission" or your mission name). This applies even if you make a lower level group the working group.
  9. Here are some links in the IL-2 Resources post that can help you with complex engine management: Aircraft Guides Requiem Aircraft Guides: - Battle of Stalingrad Airplanes - Battle of Moscow Airplanes - Battle of Kuban Airplanes - Battle of Bodenplatte Airplanes - Flying Circus Airplanes Flying Guides and Utilities Requiem Flying Guides: - Flight Principles (see videos on multi-engine techniques) - Complex Engine Management There are threads on the Multiplayer Servers and Hosting forum for many (if not all) of the servers. Most are pinned to the top of the forum, except for Combat Box. Usually, the first post in each thread will give you the basic information you need about each server. Some tips for online flying: First, get comfortable offline with things such as aircraft systems, taxiing, aircraft identification, and navigation (for expert servers, i.e., no icon on the map for your plane) In the IL-2 Resources post: - Aircraft identification is covered near the bottom of "Air Combat Guides" <--- Very important for online flying! - Navigation is covered near the bottom of "Flying Guides and Utilities" - There is a taxiing tutorial here Online opponents are much better than the AI opponents in single-player so you may get shot down a lot until you build up your skills. For best results early on, fly cautiously and with other players, if possible. Make sure that you have a good height advantage and pick your battles carefully. Don't fly straight and level for more than 30 seconds (tak-a-tak-a-tak-a-tak) and check your six often. Requiem has some good videos on formation flying near the end of his Air Combat Maneuvering video series Get on voice comms in Teamspeak or Discord and fly with others on the voice channels. Jump on a channel and wait for a lull in the conversation before introducing yourself and asking if anyone needs help or wants to wing up with a novice. Be careful not to jump in when people are in the middle of a dogfight. Sometimes there may be a conversation break during the dogfight but it's better to keep comms to a minimum until the engagement if done. Be sure to positively identify a plane as enemy before opening fire. It's better to second guess your ID early on and lose an opportunity rather than taking the chance of shooting down a friendly. That said, even good pilots make mistakes now and then, so apologize profusely and move on, having learned a lesson.
  10. My guess is that the switch is split in the middle, but that there is no animation for movement of the #1 switch or #2 switch alone.
  11. For more information about the editor and mission building, look under "Mission Editor and Multiplayer Server Guides" in the IL-2 Sturmovik Resources post.
  12. The only thing I can think of is that the Blocks checkbox is cleared in your Object Filter ("OBJ FILT" button in toolbar). You can select multiple items in the mission tree. Right click on each selection you make and choose Add to Selection.
  13. It's not the drive I was thinking of but how deep the sound file is placed within the drive. E.g, E:\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow\data\Campaigns\Gambits Campaign\media\gambitsSoundFile1.mp3 versus E:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow\data\Campaigns\My Testing for Gambit\Gambits Campaign\media\gambitsSoundFile1.mp3
  14. I was thinking of the complete path, from the drive on down, but maybe the file is not buried deep enough to make a difference.
  15. I changed from #6 cam to #4 cam, which has a smoother transition through the center detent. More information here. The cam replacement is easy and risk-free. See MFG crosswind - adjustments 2 - spring strenght and CAM replacement.
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