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  1. JimTM

    Are their any Canadians here?

    The white cutoff cockpit section at 1:03 is one of the last remnants of the original Avro Arrows, which were cut up for scrap (!!!) when the program was cancelled in February 1959. In 2006, the (former) Toronto Aerospace Museum unveiled a full-size model of the Arrow, built with help from many of the people that worked on the real thing back in the 50s. The museum's collection has moved to Edenvale Aerodrome, near Barrie Ontario, and a new facility is under construction there to house the collection. Here are some pictures of the model from the unveiling: This is Stan Porter, one of the engineers that designed the wings: ...and a group photo of some of the other Avro employees that worked on the Arrow:
  2. JimTM

    More missions with the same name ?

    You're welcome. Just be sure to change both the file name and mission properties name for a new version of a mission and you'll be good to go.
  3. JimTM

    More missions with the same name ?

    See the last bullet point on pg. 183 of the mission editor manual.
  4. JimTM

    Cannot get server to work.

    Thanks for the information. Sorry I can't assist you further, but that will take a better network mind than mine.
  5. JimTM


    Run TSNotifier as administrator.
  6. Tx_Tip writes here that clients do not need to have the audio file. The host must have the audio file in Data\Audio and the media translator must point to that file. I haven't tested whether the audio file is then automatically downloaded to the client to play or the host file is somehow remotely played for every client.
  7. Sunday Circus Maximus Sunday Bout Time Sunday Massacre Aero Play-In Great War Wing Ding
  8. Re. the altitude throttle, see this video by Requiem.
  9. JimTM

    Cannot get server to work.

    Thanks. I tried entering an IP in IL-2 under Use IP and I noticed that it changes the client_ip value in startup.cfg when you close the game. I would like to determine the scenarios where you would get multiple IPs under Available IP addresses so that I can provide more detail for my troubleshooting entry. I guess the extra detail is not critical though.
  10. JimTM

    Cannot get server to work.

    Chapter 11, pg. 167 in editor manual. Part Five, pg. 66 in editor guide.
  11. JimTM

    Random Logic Problem

    Do you see the same problem with a single random generator?
  12. JimTM

    Cannot get server to work.

    Great! Questions for HaunterHero: Are you creating your server from inside IL-2 or do you run a DServer? Is your IP solution meant to be applied only by the person setting up the server (I assume that's the case) or is it for everyone using the server? Questions for anyone: Under what conditions would multiple IPs show up on the Available IP addresses list in IL-2? Can you confirm that if multiple IP addresses are listed and you do not specify an IP address under Use IP, IL-2 uses the first IP address under Available IP addresses?
  13. JimTM

    Cannot get server to work.

    Did you try resaving the mission?
  14. Here's a video from Greg's Airplanes and Automobiles (well worth checking out) demonstrating how the devs got the aerodynamics right for turns around a pylon.
  15. JimTM

    Cannot get server to work.

    Try the solutions in "Players Cannot Join a Multiplayer Mission, No Error Message" on pg. 184 of the editor manual.