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Wohooo  oh yes ...those "Spad XIII of Maréchal des logis Caulier " will definetly be my first Spad 13's skin choice ;)

(13+13+13   love it !)

Thanks Pat another great skin

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Airborn !


Ace of Spad, volume 5

One 4k skin of Spa XIII flown by Sous-lieutenant Pierre Marinovitch, Spa 94, 21 sure wins, 3 probable wins.

+ one skin of Spad XIII #13 flown by Maréchal des Logis Caulier as a wingman



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Bellissime skins Pat!!! Bravo!!!

De belles skins Pat !!! Bravo !!!

Όμορφα δέρματα Pat!!! Μπράβο !!!

Beautiful skins Pat !!! Very good!!!




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Speaking of the Grim Reaper I would love to see some 13th USAS skins.  By the way what do you recommend for extracting .rar files?


Image result for us 13th aero squadron

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...Well, here it is! 

3d Pursuit Group USAS Skin pack Vol. I - Spad XIIIs of the 103d & 93d Aero! 




Aircraft in this pack:



Capt. Robert Soubiran, 103d Aero Squadron






Capt. Frank O'Driscoll Hunter, 103d Aero Squadron






Capt. Gorman DeFreest Larner, 103d Aero Squadron






1st. Lieut. William T. Ponder, 103d Aero Squadron






1st. Lieut. Alfred B. Patterson, 93d Aero Squadron






1st. Lieut. Charles Rudolph D'Olive, 93d Aero Squadron






1st. Lieut. Ralph L. Hartmann, 93d Aero Squadron






1st. Lt. William P. Jennings, 93d Aero Squadron







Download them all HERE! 




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Another 3d Pursuit Group bird for you all! 




SPAD XIII of Lt. Martinus Stenseth. 

Lt. Martinus Stenseth was a WWI Ace of 8 victories serving with the 28th Aero Squadron, 3d Pursuit Group. In October 1918 he was awarded the D.S.C for attacking six German aircraft that had been hunting a lone French pilot, despite the presence of a further 12 Germans nearby. He went on to achieve the rank of Brigadier General in WWII, founding & commanding the Nellis Air Force Base. 

DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1O8K5hAjJXwA698MmZo0Pd_URe0kO_nrg/view?usp=sharing

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"Non, 3 😋"


Well so i m probably the second ...^^...


On se retrouve donc entre hommes de gouts mais c est vrai que ca en  fait bien peu !


"we find ourselves between men of tastes but it is true that it

does very little!"


Anyway Paul Montange's skin  is in the box ... another great one :) thank you Pat !

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Hi Pat. Magnificient...

I never was a spad fan in rof because of its looks!!  However in fc and with the skins here by you guys it is a beaut! My perspective is so changed i have even bought  the spad 7 in rof. Keep it up guys.

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http://www.axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/download.php?view.1032Airborn !


Ace of Spad, volume 13

One 4k skin of Spad XIII flown by Sergent André Dubonnet, Spa 3, 6 sure wins, 3 probable wins.
+ one skin of Spad XIII #3 of Spa 3, flown by Tadija Sondermajer (Serbia), 1 sure win, as a wingman of Dubonnet.



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