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  1. And well-deserved it is, too. 18 Victories on Camels and 15 on Fokker Triplanes. Here's to the Rotary Devil of FC.
  2. Nope, at the moment we've been flying on J5 Flugpark. We don't count AI towards a pilot's score.
  3. Like Talby says, we do this in US103 each Thursday. We have an in-house confirmation system that requires pilots to claim / witness victories in combat reports, which are then looked over by the Adjutant (yours truly) and confirmed / rejected based on the confirmation standards. Any confirmed victories are added to the Squadron V-Life Scoreboard. As of now we only run the scoreboard / report system on Thursdays. It can be a LOT of work for the guy that confirms all the victories, but it is tons of fun and really gives some historical perspective. ESPECIALLY when you get into a huge scrap with another squadron - usually reports are very conflicting after one of those! Here's a quick example of one of our 'claims' from last Thursday, and the witness that led to confirmation: Lieut. Baer, 1st Flight: "5:47 About 1k inside our lines at 2000m i attacked a Fokker D7f that had latched on to Lt Parsons. Made several passes along with Parsons and the EA caught fire. Pilot bailed out. Shared with Parsons. Witnessed by Lts Larner, Talbot and Army" Lieut. Larner, 3rd Flight: "17:47 - Witnessed a Fok. D.VII shot down in flames by a machine of 1st Flight" The system is changing slightly to better suit FC at the moment - an I must say FC Flugpark's decision to leave kill messages off really adds to it!
  4. I used to wing up a lot with J2_Adam when I was still with J2, I've heard the stories of the 'Glory Days' and the Aces of old!
  5. I more or less agree with this, although I'll say that I'm more afraid of AI gunners than human ones as it currently stands. I think in regard to J5 Flugpark's Pour le Merite, including AI planes in a streak doesn't bother me. That medal serves a good function to give players a reason to keep coming back to the server, and including AI in the required 25 victory tally means that players won't get put off when nobody else is on, meaning in turn that they'll go on and potentially seed the server. In US103, however, and I'm sure in the other squadrons, AI aren't counted towards "medals". And you're right. When I got my hands on the Legion d'Honneur in US103 I was definitely proud to show it off - it might not have felt quite so special if half of the required victories were over AI. Either way, first time seeing Server medals and I think it's a very neat idea. I think including AI in the streak is also a good idea, and if players want a bit of an added challenge, sign up with a Squadron and start gunning for their 'big' medals.
  6. Awesome turnout last night, thanks to all who came along! I didn't stay for the full thing but I did manage to get into some great scraps, including the big D.VII F / Spad XIII clash that Baer mentioned. Hope to see you all again next week!
  7. Welcome to the skies of WW1! Like Sturm says, streamers were historically for flight leader identification - in-game, pilots use them for varying reasons. In US103 we have 3 separate flights, 1st (or 'Red'), 2nd ('White) and 3rd ('Blue'). As well as flight markings on our squadron skins, our flight leaders wear a corresponding coloured streamer for identification.
  8. Crossing the lines on the deck in 1918 was a fool's errand. Hell, crossing the lines on the deck at any point in the war was bold as brass. What better entertainment for thousands of bored, miserable, static soldiers than to shoot at low-flying planes? I remember Arthur Gould Lee mentioning in one of his books that he would have a nightmare about diving into a hail of tracer fire after No. 46 was put on ground attack duty... In RoF that was simulated by the infamous 'flak fence', which would tear anything at low alt to shreds over the mud. I wonder what the IL2 equivalent will be? MGs, I imagine... by any means, I do think the fighting should go upstairs a little. If I wanted to fight at ground-level I'd have bought Tank Crew. Bleak times for the Spad boys! And the S.E's...! I almost wish both could turn just a little better...they definitely sound a little more 'dogfighty' in the pilot accounts I've read! Although, as US103_Hunter points out, pilots might not have been quite as inclined to push their planes to the absolute envelope of their turning ability when poorly-made wings were flying off of planes left, right and centre, so the 'bolder' Spad / S.E pilots may have gotten the turn on less brave Germans. That being said, I've always regarded both the Spad and S.E as 'squadron' planes and not lone-wolfers...
  9. Agreed. I came up against a couple F pilots yesterday...it was disturbing to say the least. Those things are practically invincible with an experienced pilot at the controls.
  10. I'm finding it tricky to spot anything other than level. Especially tricky to spot stuff high, which is a pain when you have D.VII Fs climbing up to 4k all the time...but C'est la Guerre!
  11. Don't know how I managed to miss this before - spectacular stuff, sir! As for a future Thursday Night Q&A, good idea! Just say when! As Baer and Talbot mentioned, I have been working on a little E-Book that talks about the history of the Thursday Night Fly-In from US103's perspective. There are some pretty cool quotes in there taken from our after-action reports! I'm currently going through the motions of editing what I've got and will eventually post it for whoever can be bothered to read it
  12. And, may I say, salute to the brave (and dearly departed) Albatros pilot that decided he wanted to take on seven Ententes by himself!
  13. Not me, sir! I was actually watching that fight from above - from my vantage point I just saw two Camels giving an Alb hell...if I knew you were in trouble I would have come down, but it all looked rather one-sided from where I was sitting 😄
  14. Definitely a lot more intense without AV. Had a much more difficult time spotting (obviously!) but still spotted a couple guys from pretty extreme range. Will take a little time to readjust now that planes aren't obviously visible, but liking it a lot so far.
  15. Evening, gents. Thought I'd put this together to highlight some of the stuff going on recently in the FC / RoF community and put it all in one place. I'd like to put out a weekly 'newspaper', but I think my laziness will probably have something to say about that Enjoy!
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