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  1. US103_Larner


    Another 3d Pursuit Group bird for you all! SPAD XIII of Lt. Martinus Stenseth. Lt. Martinus Stenseth was a WWI Ace of 8 victories serving with the 28th Aero Squadron, 3d Pursuit Group. In October 1918 he was awarded the D.S.C for attacking six German aircraft that had been hunting a lone French pilot, despite the presence of a further 12 Germans nearby. He went on to achieve the rank of Brigadier General in WWII, founding & commanding the Nellis Air Force Base. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1O8K5hAjJXwA698MmZo0Pd_URe0kO_nrg/view?usp=sharing
  2. US103_Larner

    How is the AI?

    I guess not...but I aim for the pilot!
  3. US103_Larner

    US103 Squadron Skin Pack

    Excellent! Thanks a bunch, GCF!
  4. US103_Larner

    US103 Squadron Skin Pack

    The US103 Squadron Skin Pack is now ready to be downloaded! Included are all 26 of our squadron's SPAD XIII Skins! As we are a historical realism-based unit, many of our skins are historical! Our SPADs numbered between 3 and 24 are Historical. SPADs numbered 25 - 35 are fictional. DOWNLOAD LINK IS HERE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1c5knfjkRh3sDn-DHGoNgvbXBVhLkz_im/view?usp=sharing (File Size: 277 MB) And, of course, if the 103d Aero interests you then come over to https://us103.enjin.com to enlist - or just to say hello! View the Skins in the Spoiler below:
  5. Yup - only see oil if I lean out the sides!
  6. US103_Larner

    4K Skins from the dude

    Great stuff!
  7. Like I said, I'm a SPAD pilot! I wouldn't exactly be horrified if the D.VII F never showed up 😆
  8. Is the D.VII F out now? I was on earlier today, but am out and about at the moment. 1) I'm not aware of any 'engine dive throttle control' - but the D.VII F does have an altitude throttle, perhaps that's what you refer to? Essentially, the altitude throttle does exactly what it says on the tin. The higher you climb, the more altitude throttle you can pile on for extra power at higher altitude. It really boosts the D.VII F's high altitude performance (which, as a SPAD pilot, I'm not too happy about ) Can't help with VR, I'm afraid, I'm still on good ol' TrackIR.
  9. US103_Larner

    How is the AI?

    They seem a little smarter, but not much of a challenge. Seen some behaviour that shows promise, though! Dr.I's trying to climb away, Pfalzes diving all the way to the deck to evade, etc. One really great improvement is the AI don't seem quite as predictable as the old RoF AI, the eternal downward spiral is gone, thank god! As mentioned, the aircraft themselves are a lot tougher, and the majority of kills are flamers or pilot kills, which seems to be more historical from the pilot accounts I've read! Aircraft still break up, but it takes a lot of damage to put them away via structural break-up.
  10. US103_Larner


    ...Well, here it is! 3d Pursuit Group USAS Skin pack Vol. I - Spad XIIIs of the 103d & 93d Aero! Aircraft in this pack: Download them all HERE! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dZVbLO4ZchFhaKZNhaWsjZRVAHvPsYIV/view?usp=sharing
  11. Off-topic, but you should come to the Thursday night fly-in on RoF some time...not too long ago I saw 12 Pfalz D3s flying in formation...
  12. US103_Larner

    When to stop shooting?

    For me it varies. In RoF I've let guys drift home, but I've also shot them right into the dirt. I've broken off to let guys ditch but I've also strafed them after they've landed out. As Baer says, I want my victories confirmed. In the 103d we have our own 'scoreboard', with our own criteria for victories, separate of the parsers, which we use & update on Thursdays for the fly-ins. On that day, I don't stop firing until the guy is dead. When I'm doing just a 'casual' fly-around, I've let people go. As for the big controversy, the 'chute....Again, it depends. I've let Huns bail but I've also shot them. The big argument 'for' chute-shooting is, of course, that only the Germans have them. At first, I was of the opinion of "why should they get to bail out when we have to fall? I'm going to shoot any parachute I see", but I've changed my mind since then. Now I'm more in the 'Good for them!" camp. That being said, if, for instance, a Hun collides with a wingman and then bails..well, I'm making sure he hits the ground at the same time as my buddy.
  13. US103_Larner

    szelljr skindeposit (WW 1) ®

    Beat me to it! My fave Camel - great job!
  14. US103_Larner

    What's next?

    Spot on, hahahah! would be interesting to see a 230hp SPAD vs a VII F, or a 220hp SPAD vs a D.VII w/ D.IIIAü as well though!
  15. US103_Larner

    What's next?

    The return of my most hated plane...with a vengeance... Surprised that the S.E.5a and Alb haven't arrived yet! I'm itching to get my hands on both, but very much interested in the D.VII as well...