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Green Moscow map

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!!!!!!!  AWESOME


maybe it is possible to redo the autumn textures to more colourfull and close to real european autumn season? The actual textures are too monocrome to me and looks not very realistic.


Keep up the good work

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Looks really beautiful may-bug, will be most welcome by all I think. :cool:


Maybe you might have a go at doing summer for Velikie Luki also, that looks awesome as it is but would be great to have other seasons. ;)




Wishing you all the very best, Pete. :biggrin:

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That looks awesome.  I really like the Moscow map but the Autumn textures make me feel like I'm flying over Southern Spain in Late August. 


Really looking forward to this.  If it turn out as good as it looks, maybe its something the publishers would be interested in releasing officially?

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3 hours ago, BorysVorobyov said:

Will this be able to be selected as a separate Moscow "summer" map or will it be a retexture and replace the current autumn map?


No it's just a replacement. You cannot add maps with Mods. 



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Jason, would you accept a well done map retexture for official inclusion into the game, so we can have it as separate map? From a mission designers perspective, a Moscow summer map would be very useful.

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5 minutes ago, Bando said:

It may look better, but is it correct?

The devs live there. They'd know it better than we do, no?

I'm sure he doesn't mean for it to be a green autumn map. A greener summer map would be great. Since he can't add a new map to the game he can retexture the existing autumn map into a summer map and you can activate and deactivate via JSGME when you want to switch between summer and autumn.

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Thanks for your comments, thanks Jason for info.
The map is WIP, a few things are still to be done, and I want to polish some textures. So it is far from perfect. Everything is from stock, I just changed textures colors or replaced some by textures from other maps.
I don't know if it really looks like Moscow area in summer, but it is fun to fly on a different map, and that was my first goal. I'll try later to find good photos to make a more accurate summer map, but I want to finish this one first (I plan too to make a semi-winter map by melting season textures, but that will require much work and will take some time).
Here is a link to the file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ovxbiw2l0iexyg0/MOSCOW.7z
Unzip in your "Mods" folder and activate with JSGME. It will replace the autumn map as Jason said.
You can change the generic grass by other (from autumn Kuban map). It gives a bit different look to the map:
 1. rename "landtexturesquality" folder to "--landtexturesquality"
 2. rename "-landtexturesquality" folder to "landtexturesquality"
Hope you like it, comments are welcome. Have fun!
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