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Single Player Campaigns

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A lot of great campaigns have been made over the years, 

I have saved my collection here : 

NB: I do not have any credit for this great works (I'll try to add some more credits and details on campaigns, let me know if you are authors and want any change/suppression), and have not tested with TF 4, so some scripting might not work...

This includes 17 campaigns, some (*, iirc) are my translations from Russian ones. 
Others come from Airwarfare or other places, long time ago.

  • REDUX from Heinkill for TF : GB and DE
  • Ju88: KG1 and KG54
  • Ju-87: II StG 1*
  • Me110: Erpr GR. 210 (Me110)*
  • Bf109: JG26 (in Russian...) , III/JG26, JG53 PikAs, two on Dunkirk (bd and dk), one Eagle Day (Adler Tag)*
  • Spitfire: Spitfire on my tail 1 and 2, Spitfire dawn
  • Hurricane: Battle of France*, Battle of Britain*



There is also the full campaigns.ini


To install place capaigns.ini together with the folders (after unzipping each one) in ..\IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Blitz\parts\bob\mission\campaign\


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