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  1. Hello A priori, si mes souvenirs sont bons (en general mon char a explosé, et il n'y a plus rioen à réparer :-)), tu coupes le moteur et tu vas à la place du chef de char. En faisant "enter" cela te montre le schema du char avec les parties en cours de reparation qui clignitent et il y a aussi des messages techniques sur la droite (style "Engine repair... 5 minutes"
  2. Hello You have to exit the cl eye soft before using the opentrack ( camera is used by only one software ) However the exit after 5s is news... Hope this helps good luck
  3. otterman, try do download the 64 bit installer , look for manual download java 64 and install. It worked for me. Good luck.
  4. Congratulations, This is exactly the scene I was thinking of when doing these skins! Thank you,
  5. Run STEditor.exe, located in YourInstallDirectory\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\bin\editor
  6. hello tribal I believe this happens when a media/sound is read and not closed/released
  7. Hello, there is another menu about fire control where you can ask different status ( fire from short stops, fire now, etc...)
  8. hi, did you check you set propeller to fine pitch / Rpm to max?
  9. Thank you for your work and for sharing for us, the lazy crowd!
  10. same here. Wonder Woman helping defecting nazi pilot to find its way?
  11. NHK295M: which key do you assign to the joystick buttons? I thought we could only use mouse to aim cannon?
  12. I bow to 361st Bugsy , let us know when you can share the skin, 🙂
  13. Hi, I can give it a try, publish your photos here (I have the one profile from the Facebook HellHawks group)
  14. I'm using Amarillo USAF font. USAF Stencil goes like this:
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