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  1. same here. Wonder Woman helping defecting nazi pilot to find its way?
  2. NHK295M: which key do you assign to the joystick buttons? I thought we could only use mouse to aim cannon?
  3. I bow to 361st Bugsy , let us know when you can share the skin, 🙂
  4. Hi, I can give it a try, publish your photos here (I have the one profile from the Facebook HellHawks group)
  5. I'm using Amarillo USAF font. USAF Stencil goes like this:
  6. Hello, this is a great mission, thanks for your efforts and dedication, Two remarks though: - The flare system is excellent, but I wondered which color to use at first... I guess all work OK - Probably a game problem , but our company is a bit lagging behind Anyway, a very good mission, I'm waiting for the next ones!
  7. Tacview might be your friend there. you can get the g and see bullet trajectory. Perhaps the reason for op feeling is the perceived g are underestimated because of game sensitivity.
  8. « Shermans » is just a test mission I did (to check my liveries/skins) Therefore this is not included 🙂
  9. Very much looking forward to this M4A2 mission
  10. Try with this modified url, worked for me (dl=1) https://www.dropbox.com/s/ew7yxvqxfev7vpx/Campaign 190D9.rar?dl=1
  11. Thad, iirc, the .mission file is text. If you like to send it, I can try to edit it as text and save whatever can be saved. did you try the resave tool?
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