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Please Read: About Nvidia Graphics Card Issues

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I want to address this Nvidia video card issue and other related graphics issues.


First, we have been monitoring as many comments on this as possible. We are NOT ignoring this issue and comments that claim such are complete garbage and won’t be tolerated. We simply cannot be everywhere at once. We don’t take these issues lightly and we have 8 years plus of solving problems and making great sim products. If you’re new hear, you need to understand this and not say such ridiculous things like we ignore our customers.


Ever since I took over as producer last August I have been pushing the team to support various graphics technologies and options such as VR, SLI and 3D Vision. Our Lead Programmer who handles this for us has been working very hard to produce new things for you this past year. He’s done AMAZING work with VR, DX11, Rear-View Mirrors, Shadows and built improved support for SLI and 3D Vision. However, we have a custom engine and whenever try to adopt other technology there is some potential for problems. This is what has caused our current situation. We test everything in Beta before launch and sometimes even that does not detect all issues. Only once a build is played by thousands does something odd become clearer. There are simply infinite combinations of hardware and software out there to detect all potential issues.


We recently began working more closely with the NVAPI to have a closer integration with Nvidia technology. This means better SLI and 3D Vision integration etc. We did this in coordination with a rep from Nvidia in Russia and he encouraged our progress. However, this has apparently caused other problems with users of their older drivers frustrating some of you. And some of you with newer cards and newer drivers have also reported some issues. We currently do not know why this is occurring, but we have been working internally for weeks to solve this, but have not found a solution. There are two main issues reported – a huge collapse of framerate on non-780 series cards and 780 cards crashing out after a brief time.


780 Video Card Issue:


The 780-series video card issue was previously known to us and we have been talking to Nvidia about this for months. They claim to be working on solution, but none has been presented yet. We advised 780 owners to use an older driver as a workaround. This worked until our last update. We have tried everything we know how to fix this ourselves, but nothing has worked and evidence points to a problem with Nvidia’s drivers.


However, as we adopted better support for SLI and 3D Vision an unforeseen issue with older Nvidia drivers has made Sturmovik not work so well on older drivers. Thus, negating our previous workaround which is very frustrating!


Severe Framerate Drop on non-780 cards:


This issue was not detected in Beta or at least if it was it did not seem widespread, and it is still not widespread. We have many, many thousands of users with no such issue. However, our tests indicated if you update your drivers to the latest ones you should cure the issue. But there still seems to be some small percentage of you with this issue even after updating your drivers. We originally thought it was linked to automatically detecting SLI, so we made a Hotfix for that, but it looks like that may not be it. We continue to test.


Hard Choices:


We will continue to try and fix these issues, but if we cannot, we will be faced with making some hard decisions. Although we like supporting different interesting technologies, if it breaks the game for other people and we can’t solve it, we may need to go back to just supporting a single card. We can’t have some users unable to play and some not. We don’t want to have to do this because our Lead Programmer has worked very hard on all this and we would only do it as a last resort. Maybe for larger teams solving such issues is easier, but with our size and situation, one problem cascades and screws up the entire development schedule jeopardizing the entire product. We still have some ways to go to finish Kuban.


The potential for problems has always made us cautious in adopting every new fad or gimmick in gaming. I chose to push our limits this year. I may have pushed too far. A broken product may not be worth supporting niche tech.


The good news is that it seems we can duplicate the problems in the office so maybe a solution can be found without drastic measures. But it is unknown how long this will take and our Lead Programmer is out of the office until next week.


Keep your fingers crossed we can solve this, if not we will let you know.




Our current advice if you have any of these issues.


For non-780 cards with severe framerate drop: Update your Nvidia drivers to the latest ones and try re-installing Sturmovik into a new folder. Remember you can have one or more installs of Sturmovik on a machine. No need to uninstall anything.


For 780 users: Try getting a card other than a 780, if at all possible, perhaps a newer one. We hate to recommend this, but Nvidia is not leaving you much choice after several months of non-help from them. Or continue to be patient and keep your fingers crossed we can make older drivers work again. A note to Nvidia support may help also push them to look harder at the issue.


If you have any of these issues please post your specs and what you experience in this thread so we can look for a common link. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/30090-nvidia-graphics-issues-post-here/

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