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Developer Diary, Part 151 - Discussion


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Well, I got so sidetracked worrying about the possible "bubble of blur" issue on that first screenshot that I forgot to mention the ship.  Pretty nice-looking so far, though it certainly looks like the flag is awfully small relative to the scale/size of the ship.


Oh wait, I'm sorry, is it too early to start nit-picking yet? :)


Semi-seriously, I would hope that the devs have better pictures/resources than I've been able to find, but some of the pictures of these destroyers that I've found so far for this type in this time period show her flying a much larger flag from the stern, with the later (1944-45) period showing the smaller flag where it's shown on the screenshots.  I don't know which is really more correct, but the larger flag would make IFF easier during an attack run so if it is historically appropriate it would be nice to see it implemented that way.

I don't know about the Soviet Navy, but most navies fly different size ensigns depending on the occasion and size of the ship. In battle, larger ones were/are flown, for identification in a high threat environment.
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