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complete noob in mission building

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hey guys! just started to have a look at the mission builder...well after a few minutes i was able to place an "airfield" with planes on the map...but when i tested it on the server i noticed, that there were no buildings at all on the map. just flat textures where buildings are supposed to be...any idea? thx in advance

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Hi David,


Welcome to the wacky world of mission building. Glad to have you join in the fun.


The "airfield" object that you placed just provides spawn points for multi-player planes (the spawn patterns are shown in the object library when you click on the airfield object there. You can place airfield objects where ever you like around the runway pattern you see in the View Port. To populate the airfield with buildings, you either have to place them yourself (using Block objects or Building objecvts) or you can import pre-built groups of buildings for particular maps.


To import buildings, do the following:
1. In the Mission Tree, right-click the top entry and choose "Set Group as Working". 
2. In the File menu, choose “Import From File” and navigate to the BoS directory and
    the \data\Template sub-directory.
3. Choose an object group that corresponds to the current terrain in the View Port and
    click Open.
    All of the objects in the group appear in the Mission Tree. With large maps, it may take
    a few minutes for the objects to load.
4. (Optional) Delete objects that are outside of the area related to your mission.
    In large maps, deleting objects that are never seen by players saves memory. You can
    click and drag to select many objects at a time for deletion.
5. Select all the objects in the group that you just imported and make them a group, with
    a name such as "Scenery".
    Grouping non-mission related objects makes it easier to work with the mission-related
    objects, MCUs, and groups.
Hope that helps.

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thank you very much Jim! just tried it out and its working! actually i think thats a pretty clever feature to not have buildings everywhere by default to safe resources if needed...its just not intuitive at the beginning. again thx very much and im sure there will more questions following :salute:

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Good to see another stepping forward to master the  editor the more of us that can the stronger will be the community.


I can also highly recommend Prangsters tutorial



Also look through the mission builder section and make use of groups to load set pieces like fighter sections to save a lot of heartache and head scratching.

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