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Activation key...

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I think Jason stated that they were aiming for october in the last livestream. But it was not a final deadline, some stuff could take longer than expected then. I am going for mid-october, earlier would be a charm, later won't really mater depending on "how late"...


BTW this goldy thing makes me smile way more than I would have thought when they talk about it. It has switched from "Whatever, if it make you happy put this under my name" to a outstanding "LOOK I HAVE GOOOOOLD" :tease:

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now we can count how many pre-orders went through.

We dont know. I created another account on forum cause I dont want to flash with premium logo. But used the same email as before so the devs know who purchased.....



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Forgive me all, testing




<<<<< Dang, cool! Nice forum and nice update service.





Is this like liquors given to  the troops before a large scale assault? I have the feeling early access is coming...

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I'll stick with my austerity approved lead badge, only because I don't have time to alpha test over the coming months.

Is there a way to disable the badges under the avatar?


Whats the matter Uther you don't want your other girl to know you are fooling around on her... :P  ;)  :salute:

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