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Fighting-Irish Squadron

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The Squadron



We are not a strict military operation like other squads. All we promote is a sense of belonging, a sense of order, and an appreciation for good beer, company and music.

Recruits to FI squadron need only one thing:
to be Irish, have Irish roots, or just feel sorta Irish, if you know what I mean ???

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Oh my gosh!  


Hello mates, its napier!  Used to be FI:napier :D


how are you lads?!  Its been so long, i used to fly with you around 2004,5,6 ish.  Used to do a lot of campaigns with Tactical, is he still around?  And snoopy?


I literally just saw this game today and pre-ordered, I would love to fly with you lads again :D


cheers!  :salute:

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No day better than this one to give the 'ol FI squad a fresh "bump."  HAPPY ST PATRICK'S DAY EVERYONE!!!  (Well, belated for most of you by now.)


This game is fantastic so far.  Can't wait to see a bunch of our boys (and all the other great squads out there) online here shortly as multiplayer launches... gonna be a blast! 


Check 6!

Blue2  salute.gif

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