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  1. Sympathies on losing your fur baby, I walk one of ours around the complex most days, she follows at a respectful distance, looking like she's not actually walking with me, but making sure I'm still in hearing range, she likes to walk on the low wall, all the better to see any dogs coming, which she then prepares to knock the bollocks out of, I've had to tell the owners to make sure they're on a tight lead, she'll batter them. For real.
  2. True, but I always try to offer value for money.
  3. High side pass on the cockpit, or low side pass on the radiator.
  4. There was also the whole, "other thing", but we'll swiftly move past that. https://www.britannica.com/biography/Charles-Lindbergh/Germany-and-the-America-First-movement
  5. Plus, a plane that can go the same distance or more on half the engines is pretty sexy from an efficiency point of view. I recall a report where Lindbergh spent time with the 38, then went out to the south Pacific and taught the squadron pilots how to damn near double their range through rpm and manifold pressure management. https://generalaviationnews.com/2005/06/17/lindberghs-secret/
  6. Happy Easter, fellow fliers, full of Irish chocolate and delicious French wine here.
  7. You mean we'll most likely be paying twenty bucks to be a target drone.
  8. I've bought every BOx module, and all but 3 planes, and yet only have BON showing, as I bought from (insert Gabe Newell's fiendish device) until this year, and to be honest, I feel very inadequate. It's like going to the urinals in a sports arena and having six foot plus guys either side of me. Again. PTSD is real people.
  9. Can we all please hold off on the conspiracy theories until I get my tinfoil hat back from the shop? Thanks!
  10. Little known fact; Oompa Loompas were widely used as mechanics by the Luftwaffe.
  11. It's an old, not bold flyer who knows when to split S and haul ass for his life!
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