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Issues with the Sopwith Camel's Model


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(1).  In game, it appears the Sopwith Camel's instrument panel is metal instead of wood, which it should be.

(2).  The Camel also is missing the pitot-static lines running from the pitot tube.  This issue also affects the SE5a, Sopwith Dolphin, Airco DH.4 and Bristol Fighter.  On the Camel, you can see it running up from the pitot tube and down the front-right cabine strut.

(3).  The struts are too in Flying Circus.  This also affects the SE5a, Sopwith Dolphin and Airco DH.4, while the one the Bristol Fighter, the wood grain is too pronounced.

(4).  The rib stitching is missing from the normal map.





In the image below, you can see the pitot-static lines as the silver bit along the front of the front-right cabine strut as well as coming out of the pitot tube.

Aviation photographs of Code Number: D1851/ X : ABPic


This last image is from TVAL's Snipe but it illustrates how the rib stitching should look.


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