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A way to have all your groups in a mission in alphabetical order


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One thing that annoyed me a lot was that when you build a mission and create groups, add groups etc. the list of the groups in the tree is not based on the alphabetical order but on the fact that the last group added or created goes at the bottom.

But in all other listings like search list they do appear in Alphabetical or Numerical order.


I found a nice way to reshuffle them in alphabetical order. The trick is simple, and works for the main groups those which are listed on your tree list window. These are the top groups under the mission name. I consider that your mission is designed so that you have on top of the tree only groups and nothing else.

It works this way:


1) Use the object search tool and list all your top groups. Then select all of them and the save them on a group file named like Mission Groups, or whatever you like. This action will preserve all the intergroup links.

2) Empty your mission, that is delete all the groups. Only the bare map remains.

3) Import your just saved Mission Groups file.

4) You will see when opening the tree that all your groups will be in alphabetical order and links preserved. Maybe this is also true for sub-groups but I have not checked.




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I did that occasionally when a mission was not loading in the game, as fixing trick, but than with all items selected and saved as group.


But i wish there was a way to alphabetize the Object Library, especially for the planes. Sub-grouping them as country, fighters, FC etc. would be even better.

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