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How to take various angles of screenshots from inside vehicles ,in particular the new Sd Kfx10/5


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( Note i am using VR while taking a simple video as driver & gunner of the new German Flakwagon)

Yesterday i shot my first video with the new vehicle, but I found that in replaying it ( out of VR Mode) I could not change the angle or point of view for either the driver or gunner. I couldn't get the driver to view the dash board ( unless he did so while in video mode in actual game play,)or get the gunner to abandon his sight to look left or right .Not only that I couldn't get out of a sort of closeup mode in either position. Frustrating as I could access all views i wanted in the exterior view mode.

Of course all this is in addition to the default view the gunner has which doesn't seem changeable in game play or later in replay.

Have I missed something or is this just the way things are when using VR?


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