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80 years ago today, Life Magazine released it August 11, 1941 issue with Rita Hayworth on the cover. Inside was a picture that became the most popular US military "pin up" of the war, until Betty Grable's 1943 over the shoulder shot.




And here's the shot, which I think is much better than the Grable picture:



'By the end of the war, more than 5 million copies of this photo were sold. The US Navy named her, “The Red-Head We Would Most Like to be Ship-Wrecked with”.


There was way more to Rita Hayworth’s wartime activities than being a pinup girl. She volunteered in the Naval Aid Auxiliary, an organization of men and women which provided general assistance to the Navy and Marines.


As most stars in Hollywood, Rita was a regular at the Hollywood Canteen, where she served food and danced with the servicemen. She also visited over three hundred cities as part of seven war bond tours, as well as touring camps and military hospitals.


Rita was horrified in 1946 to find out that her famous pinup picture had been plastered on the bomb tested on the Bikini Atoll.'

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