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New Team Fusion Resource Page


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Hi All,

Team Fusion Simulations have produced a resource material page for our community.

You can find the link here: https://www.team-fusion-simulations.de/tfsresources/

This resource page, is a combination of elements include mission building suggestion and server setups in the game, along with other elements available with Cliffs of Dover Blitz and Desert Wings Tobruk.

These resources, will also allow non-owners of the sims to look at the contents and get an idea of the resources available to them.

Community members that may be having setup problems can access them.

We hope that this centralised information point of reference will be an asset to those needing to sourcing this information.


TFS Team


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Great work


Those aircraft manuals look very helpful and full of information

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That's absolutely fantastic, thank you so much Team Fusion.

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