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New sistem stats - Personal, Squadron or World

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I was thinking about the possibility of a new statistics system that I would define as "team" or even "world"

Broadly speaking, the idea is this:
- with a client software installed on each player's PC, only the events concerning him are read in the user's log.
- the aforementioned events must be sent to a server and stored in a DB
- a web software on the server reads the data from the DB and displays them
- we would thus obtain the player's statistics, with flights and events in the various game servers, or he could also connect to a "world" server, and thus obtain a World ranking.

Of course I am turning to the developers of our community who might consider the idea, as not being able to develop such a project myself, I gladly make available my little experience as a self-taught programmer.

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It would more feasible to aggregate the data on a per-server basis and not on a per-player basis - there are no logs for players in multiplayer missions, meaning the data is pretty much exclusively stored in the servers. Only single player missions are logged on a player's PC. Also less people to convince :<


Still it would take some convincing, and I'm not sure how much of a demand there is for it. I think using the il2 stats project for the global stats website + parsing + whatever, with some minor modifications to track which server the logs came from, along with a perpetual script on each game server to upload the logs to the global server would be the easiest way to accomplish this. Main issue is getting the server admins on board with the idea.

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Posted (edited)

Thanks for the reply Revolves!

Perhaps your way of developing it is simpler, but it excludes any game servers that do not have Vaal stats or that, as you said, do not want to participate or that have them of a different type (TAW).
To have the mission log in multiplayer, as you know too, you need to activate it in startup.cfg and interpret only the data concerning the player, maybe you can adapt the Vaal parser, or am I wrong?

EDIT: Yes, I am wrong... I test it, work only for server... it's a pity that

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