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Everyone seems to want to see a Pacific scenario??


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Until. the map comes up on a server. 

Seems like everyone forgot what happened when pacific maps came up in 1946.  Pacific maps killed the servers quick!



1. No FW-190 of BF-109 G2 for the blues to fly.  Don't believe me that this is a requirement?  Look at BoS.  They added a FW-190 didn't they.

2. Pretty much no blues flying.  People really don't like Japanese planes for some reason.

3. Speaking of flying, pacific maps usualy mean longer flight times.  Another no no in a game series were most people dislike the actual flying part.

4. And then there's the carriers.  You can't load your plane for maximum pointage and still get off the carrier deck.  Causes issues with any remaining players.


I really wished it was different.  I'd love to get an update to the pacific. Dogfighting in the skies above Guadalcanal or combing the seas in a PBY looking for Japanese ships would be awsome!! But....I don't see it happening.


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