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The new Tunnels in Kuban - unfinished work

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In the past the trains entering one of the two tunnels in the kuban map would hit a wall about 100 meters inside the tunnel and would explode and be destroyed.

I checked just in case and there is a lot of progress. They do not hit the wall and are not destroyed. However to reach the other side they just take a nice trip atop the tunnels in the mountain through the forests until they arrive at the opposite entry.  So your train can reach the other side but I would prefer that it goes through.

Check the tracks here attached

New Train Tunnels.2021-05-03_01-03-41_00.trk.zip

New Train Tunnels.2021-05-03_01-03-41_01.trk.zip

New Train Tunnels.2021-05-03_01-03-41_02.trk.zip


Devs please you made the first step, for the next update can you just make the second one. Thanks 🙂 


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Well, creating holes in terrain is actually pretty hard to do, especially so if it needs to be efficient (i.e. no framerate hit) *and* change the behaviour of AI (they need to move underneath the terrain instead of on it. So for something that only occurs a couple of times on the Kuban map, and perhaps once or twice on Rheinland, I don't think the Devs will ever implement this feature.

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