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Universal VR shader released (ReshadeVR)


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Apologies in advance if this is old news but I'll take the chance and share anyway.


I noticed a number of threads on Reshade / SweetFX for VR in this section. Last night I found reference to one whilst reading the DCS forums and it is currently in the process of being developed although it is usable in its current state albeit with a more limited feature set.


I have downloaded this and tested it with IL2 and can confirm it's working. The parameters which are currently available for tuning are as follows:





I've only been tweaking the last 2 but can confirm the changes to my VR experience have been positive (this is using the Reverb G2 with a 1080 Ti). 


The original thread can be found here:




Github (where the utility can be found) link is here:




The files can be deposited in the ..\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\bin\game folder. The in-game menu (which, for me appears on the monitor rendering screen outside of VR) can be activated using the Home Key and the effects toggled using the End key). Changes can also be made configuration file directly (which is the approach I'm using).


Have a great day all and have fun.

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@ThereIs0nly0ne  Thanks, the key for getting ReshadeVR being active was the link to DCS, were after reading the whole long posting, made me clear on where to install and how to activate this mod. 

Now I only have to find the right adjustments because enabling does bring me much lesser eye candy.  

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Is it considered an external program for some servers ???

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I tried this in DCS and it genuinely does make a big difference to visual clarity in that sim. It's literally like you've wiped the mist from your goggles. Being able to tweak the brightness/contrast/saturation independently is nice too. Unfortunately it can't be used on Oculus HMDs natively, you need to use SteamVR. That brings with it a drop in VR performance, even more so if you also usually use OpenComposite. Performance can already be an issue in both DCS and IL-2, so this tweak isn't so useful for Oculus users.


A shame, as once you've seen the improvement it's hard to go back...

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