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Announcement of Graphics Update for CLIFFS OF DOVER - BLITZ and DESERT WINGS - TOBRUK


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Updated post to add VR Implementation to the elements planned to be included in the Visual Update.

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Hello All


We had hoped to have more news on our new module in April, but at this point it looks like mid May will be the announcement.


What we can announce is our planning in regards to a package of Graphics Updates for CLIFFS OF DOVER - BLITZ and DESERT WINGS - TOBRUK.


We hope these improvements will be ready for summer 2021.  We had originally planned these for the Spring, but with the effects of Covid and other factors on TF's ability to work this has not been possible.  This time line is subject to revision if there are further setbacks in the pandemic situation.


These improvements will be free to owners of these games.


Below is the list of new features:


-  Addition of the trueSKY cloud and weather system.  (with new water and effects)


-  Addition of the option for the use of a VR view system for players


-  Addition of 4k cockpit resolution for aircraft


-  Addition of 4k resolution for aircraft external models  (optional in player settings)


-  Upgrading of all terrain tiles to 4k resolution as well as improvements to the terrain textures, especially those on the TOBRUK map


-  Improvement of Terrain Tessellation effects.  (this effect is what gives a three dimensional effect to terrain surfaces)


-  Increase of the player view distance by up to 10 times current view distances.  This is the distance at which objects begin to appear to the player... and will reduce the 'popup' effect sometimes seen for distant buildings, terrain features, objects, etc.  (optional in player settings)


We will release these elements as a package... in a 'Re-Launch' which will be promoted on STEAM and other venues.


We think these changes will significantly upgrade the game graphically and bring it up to a standard which players will appreciate and enjoy.


We will provide images and video on this forum and through our other media sites as we come closer to release.


Please discuss these changes here:



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