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Code letters used by 322 Squadron


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I've been trying to nail down the exact date that 322 Squadron changed its code letters from VL to 3W. Some sources say August 1944, others say July 1944. Still, another topic I found says all of their Mk XIV Spitfires only carried the code of VL, but then there are apparently photos of their Mk XIVs carrying the code letters 3W.


Could somebody please help straighten this matter out?

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I found these in my book: 'Dutch Spitfires, A technical Study' by Harry van der Meer.






And this bit of information on the codes:


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Thanks! So, it looks like the changeover happened sometime in July 1944.

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18 hours ago, LukeFF said:

Thanks! So, it looks like the changeover happened sometime in July 1944.


The profile above for NH 649 gives with 3W.F code at RAF West Malling in June 1944.


And this webpage states that the change over was some time in late June 1944 https://www.wikiwand.com/en/No._322_(Dutch)_Squadron_RAF



The squadron retained the code-letter combination VLwhich had been used previously by No. 167 Squadron until late June 1944, when it was changed to 3W. 


It also states that the Squadron moved from RAF Hartford Bridge to RAF West Malling on the 20th of June 1944.


Not wishing to jump to any conclusion without solid proof :) , but it would make some sense that the code change happened around the same time. Photos of 322 Sqn MK.XIVc Spits at both RAF Hartford Bridge and RAF West Malling if available might help.




It gives a list of references and bibliography at the bottom of the page.


Could be a useful site if you haven't already run into it.



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