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HSD Update log


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I'll be keeping an update log here so you can always read back what has been changed.


Release V1.2.1.50

  1. Fixed the issue where HSD will add the wrong skins to the queue for update.
  2. The splash screen will now correctly add updates to the queue
  3. New previews are installed on startup instead of when clicked on
  4. Fixed an admin tool.


Release V1.2.1.47

  1. Fixed an issue where HSD would add skins to the queue that are not owned
  2. Significantly reduced memory usage
    1. Significantly reduced memory usage during browsing
    2. Temporary files are cleared from the memory more often
    3. Temporary files now require less memory overall
    4. Moved the preview update check to only check for an image update when the user wants to see the image itself
  3. Fixed a significant issue where the windows date format setting would cause HSD to hang during startup
  4. Fixed several issues where pre-owned skins couldn’t be found
  5. Fixed the “Find skin updates” loading bar
  6. Fixed an issue with the Apply filters and Remove filters buttons
  7. Fixed an issue where commas couldn’t be used in the Skin file name


Release V1.2.1.29

  1. Introduced “Sort skins by release date” option in the options tab
  2. Increased the loading speed of the skins list. Actual improvement depends on your system. (between 1,9 - 3,5x faster in our tests)
  3. Significantly decreased start-up times. Especially when HSD hasn’t started for a while
  4. Fixed an issue where previews wouldn’t update correctly
  5. Made the Skins and Queue lists resizable
  6. Added explanation texts to the individual upload text fields
  7. Description box now allows up to 4000 characters
  8. Fixed “tab” order in the uploader
  9. Reduced the sensitivity of the “similar name check”
  10. AutoExpand enabled for the vehicles tree
  11. Auto-expand on startup option for the Vehicles tree added
  12. Vehicles tree will auto-expand on the first start-up regardless

Release V1.2.1.10 Hotfix

  1. Fixed the EULA buttons disappearing with high windows scaling enabled
  2. Fixed the right click for the Description box
  3. The “Do you want to add this pack” warnings will now appear after the mandatory field warnings


Update EULA, optimisation and usability

  1. Upgraded Alonzo’s status to “Server programmer & Technical advisor”. He’s now a full part of the team!
  2. Added ou EULA to the start-up. Sadly, in the times we live in, this is necessary
  3. Introduced a new upload component which should speed up uploads by about 4-5x (based on our tests)
    1. Hopefully, this also fixes the missing preview upload bug
  4. Added the “Reset fields after successful upload” checkbox to the uploader. (file fields are still cleared regardless)
  5. Added “Clear” button to the uploader to clear all fields
  6. Added checkboxes for the skin type. Selection is stored
  7. Added checkboxes for the resolution. Selection is stored
  8. Rearranged filters to improve clarity
  9. Made the filter lists taller for easier browsing
  10. Skins list can now be sorted by Owned skins
  11. Added apply filters button 
    1. Added an option to use Dynamic filtering so the Apply button isn’t used.
  12. Optimised the skin list loading code
    1. Speeds up populating the skins list
    2. Removed a bug where the wrong items were loaded in
    3. Added a loading bar to show that the list is still populating
    4. Removed the “Select first item in list” feature to smoothen the workflow
  13. Added symbols to the uploader text fields ( : ; [] {} () ! @ # $ % ^ & * _+ - = / | \ ? > < ~ `)
    1. Added to the Description, Artist name, Skin pack and IL2 group
    2. Curly apostrophes and quotation marks are now transformed to the non-curly variant in compliance with HSD limitations
    3. Other non-compliant symbols are removed with warning message
  14. Allowed Skin file name to use these symbols ( {} [] () _ + - = . )
    1. Other non-compliant symbols are removed with a warning message
    2. These symbols work well with HSD, IL-2 GB, Windows & Linux
    3. A “.” (dot) is now trimmed off the end of a skin file name
  15. Automated the resolution selection. HSD now does that for you based on file size
  16. Changed how the previews are loaded in during the first start-up speeding up the process significantly. 
    1. Changed text above loading bar to more accurately reflect what it’s doing
  17. Fixed an issue where uploading a TC skin on the right would cause the files to be renamed incorrectly and thus fail to upload correctly
  18. Switching too fast between items in the Vehicles tree no longer leads to incorrect skins lists
  19. Fixed an issue where clicking anywhere in the vehicles tree would cause the skins list to reload unnecessarily
  20. Time stamps on skins are now UTC instead of local time
  21. Disabled Right Click on the skins list
  22. Added the option to use “Enter” to select skins for download or deletion
  23. Added a Patreon button to the Browse tab
  24. Added a PayPal button in the About tab
  25. Fixed the FokkerD7, FokkerD7F and PzVI-H1 skins not showing up correctly after clicking on them in the vehicles tree
  26. Splash Screen will no longer be forced to show on the foreground.
    1. This should also fix a bug where the “can’t connect to the server” message would be hidden behind the splash screen
  27. Changed the splash screen text to more clearly reflect what it’s doing
  28. Sped up the splash screen preview downloads a little
  29. Removed unnecessary error message after checking for updates
  30. Fixed a bug where the skins list would reload after clearing the queue
  31. Fixed a bug where the queue would unintentionally list skins not owned by the user
  32. Fixed a bug that caused the “similar file name” check to be overly sensitive
  33. The skin information will only display the upload date and not the time to reduce clipping when Windows scaling is used
  34. The database will be rebuilt automatically if a significant database error is detected
  35. Added a character limit to the log file to keep its size in check


If you notice any bugs, please report them in our Discord

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