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No.10/J18 squadrons now recruiting!! New Rise of Flight Squadrons


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No.10/J18 squadrons now recruiting!!

Calling all pilots and flight simmers!







-A joint squadron based on the No.10 RNAS squadron from the Entente side.

and the Jasta 18 squadron on the Central side


-All pilots are welcome to fly with us

(primarily European and USA time zones)


-We will use our own custom skins in the future


-Fly as the daring Great War pilots did, with no vocal communication, only flares and hand signals


-We attempt to do a squadron flight once a week on the Wargrounds server.

(but it varies depending on pilots’ availability)


-Advance in rank, trying to keep your virtual life alive while flying on the Wargrounds server with us


-We use a well organised Discord server and a killboard


-Link to the Discord server:https://discord.gg/VS5YYuvgdB

  (Follow the steps listed in the first channel if you want to join)


Hope to see you in the skies soon!




-Fritz Gerald

(Jasta 18 CO)


(No.10 CO)

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