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‘Wing Leader – The Fated Sky’ I recently made this mission with the very high hopes that we would be able to fly the Spitfire 14’s in the mission. I saw Jason’s last update where he said that the Spitfire 14 was being ‘beta tested’ and I was hoping for an Easter release of the aircraft. Anyway we have to be patient – a lot of good thing’s going on with the development teams.

I have now posted the Mission using the Spitfire 9’s and when the 14 arrives I will remake the mission with them, you will be able to compare the 2 aircraft which should be interesting.

Group Captain Johnnie Johnson has just flown his new Spitfire 14 and the Wing is on the move into Germany. The Luftwaffe haven’t given up yet and are providing a strong presence over the quickly moving front line. The Mission today is to provide a standing patrol of 12 Spitfires over the recently established bridgehead over the river Weser near the town of Minden. This mission is semi-historical and after researching several books I am fairly sure we have an accurate mission – the actual Spitfire 14’s protecting the bridge where from the Belgium manned 350 Squadron.

You are flying Johnson’s Spit which can be taxied out to the runway or left on auto pilot to self - taxi. The weather is fine and visibility good – keep a good lookout and watch out for ‘the jump’ from above.




DF_Wing_Leader_ The_Fated_Sky.zip

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Thanks DF, Enjoying this mission and finding it very immersive but not having much luck so far, flown twice and shot down each time in the first pass !!! I wonder if my luck will change when you upgrade to the Mk XIV 

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Thanks taffy2jeffmorgan glad you are enjoying the mission. The Fockes have a height advantage so you have to anticipate the ‘bounce’. I’m really looking forward to the Spit 14 - looks very good in the first pics - I’m sure they will make a difference in the remake. The JG26 pilots respected their capabilities with the extra power from the RR Griffon engines. DFLion

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