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Squad is looking for multiplayer participants

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Hi folks,
Since it is difficult to find a few active multiplayer pilots in IL2 1946 these days, I'll try it here:


My group (about 5 active and 3 sporadic pilots) tries to fly campaigns or missions together on a regular basis. We are still looking for active participants. Everyone who is able to take off or land their aircraft safely is invited to take part!
We only use B.A.T. on the latest version and host our server via VPN. This has proven to be very reliable. We have successfully tested the compatibility between B.A.T 4.1.X and 4.0 (only ww2). So it is enough if you have BAT 4.0.


We are currently communicating or meeting on our Discord:


If you are interested in participating, write me a private message on Discord.


best regards

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