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Hello! I have for you a very special set of skins depicting some vehicles I came across a while ago.

They are Tiger 1 from Gruppe Fehrmann, a group of 6 Tiger tanks which were part of Kampfgruppe Schulze and operated in western Germany in April 1945.

It was composed mainly of tank school instructors and their vehicles. They attempted to break into the Ruhr pocket but although achieving some smaller successes, were in the end not able to break through and Oberleutland Fehrmann was captured. The actions involving Fehrmann and Schulze are often told to be the last fighting action where Tiger tanks were used in.


F13 Download: Mediafire link

F02 Download: Mediafire link

F01 Download: Mediafire link

111 Download: Mediafire link

F05 Download: Mediafire link

F03 Download: Mediafire link

Full Pack: Mediafire link










More screenshots:

























Historical Photos:






















Scale modeler's impressions:



The special thing about these Tigers was that due to the war situation at this point, they were often times stripped of extras such as mud flaps or turret baskets. Also, they were hybrids, put together from several different broken vehicles in order to create working tanks. F13 was a Tiger E hull with an H1 turret. Possibly it was also fitted with a new commander cupola.


I will probably add more vehicles from this group as I find time and references.


If you are wondering how I removed the exhaust system and turret basket: I just set the areas with 100% transparency in the skin. It is not a perfect method but works alright.


My special thanks go to:

DigitalForms and ICDP for creating the skin template, which is awesome to work with.

Maillon21 and especially Tomi_099 for helping me find the texture areas on the tank so I could correctly apply markings and hide areas completely.


Known issues:

  • There are still some floating bits near the turret basket and exhaust system areas. Despite Tomi's excellent part template I still couldn't find where some bolts and faces are. I will fix that if I find them.
  • There are strange lines appearing where the turret basket and exhaust system used to be. That seems to be a problem with transparency on the skin. I have double checked that i cleanly removed everything from these areas, but still these lines appear. I don't know how to fix that at this point.
  • The turret basket and exhaust system still throw a shadow. There is nothing I can do about that.
  • The turret is missing added track links that were present in the historical vehicle. There is nothing I can do about that.


Please let me know your opinions and feedback. If you know of any references for these tanks that I have not already included, please post them too.



Old stuff


F13 version 1:

Download: Mediafire link


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Congratulations for your 

first Tiger 



Looks beautiful !   :good:



The turret is missing added track links that were present in the historical vehicle. There is nothing I can do about that.



I solved it like this ... it would be a 3D model the ideal idea .. maybe the devs can sacrifice 5min of their time!


( Click on the arrow pointing to the top right )


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8 hours ago, SCG_Baryonyx said:

Oh my god, someone already made this skin? And it looks so much better... now I am embarrassed. I will go ahead and hang my head in shame.


It wouldn't be nice if all models look the same ..

I think you have a different style.

And that's a good thing, because tastes are different and we have a wide variety of variations.

Everything is good .. and your version is SUPPER! :good:

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9 hours ago, SCG_Baryonyx said:

Oh my god, someone already made this skin? And it looks so much better... now I am embarrassed. I will go ahead and hang my head in shame.

Yours still looks great, plus you have great taste in Dinosaurs.

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Thanks for the comments. I have updated the skin again to version 2.1, with a little bit less mud on the wheels and a little less soot on the muzzle. I like it this way, it will stay like that.


Next up will be the other F Tigers! :)

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I have added a skin for F02. This tank looks less rugged than F13. It has a mostly intact coat of Zimmerit on the hull, but none on the turret. It is covered in dunkelgelb instead of the sickly green color of F13. Its barrel has been replaced with an old panzergrau colored one. Like F13 it misses its turret basket, but has more intact mudguards.


Sadly though, much of the coloration was guesswork and artistic interpretation, because the photos I found of this tank are very blurry and low resolution. I cannot tell for sure if the barrel really was grey or not, but it does seem to be of a different color than the rest. Also, it appears the tiger has been hit into the rear side area judging from the giant black area and what I assume to be an oil leak showing on the photos, so it is hard to say what amount of damage the tank had taken during its destruction.Therefore the vehicle in my rendition might not be 100% accurate. If you have any material about the Gruppe Fehrmann tanks that could help me make these skins more accurate, please let me know.

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Holy sh*t.  A dream come true.  There were a couple of Panthers in the KG too.  More to research....................... The Ron Klages Panzer Pages at Axisd Forum will provide much more info on KGF.   Keep grinding!  And, thank you!!!



For some reason I can't get the .RAR files to work.  I usually have no problem with Media Fire either.

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Ah, I see you are using Tomi's F13 there.


Yes there were panthers in Kampfgruppe Schulze (which Fehrmann and his Tigers were part of) but they were Ausf. Gs I think, so I think I won't try to replicate them with the Ausf. D that we have ingame. Just too different.

I had a look through that forum and found one photo that someone said shows a Fehrmann Tiger, but I can't tell which one. I added it into the historical photo section of the original post. Thanks for the link.

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Excellent point about the Panther G's.  I actually thought they were A's but it's been some time since I studied KGF - that pic is definitely a G mantlet (maybe F12?).  And I used Tomi's F13 just to spread the love.  They look good together.  Name one other game where you can get this kind of history lesson?  Thank you sir.


PS how soon until F01?  I read somewhere it was red with white outline.  Please verify though.

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I'm currently trying to figure out the color scheme of F01 and whether the black areas on the mantlet and hull side front were created during it's destruction or came from something else.

I've been told the mantlet might have been due to a zimmerit fire, but then again zimmerit fires seem to be a rumor only. So I suppose that was from fire in the tank coming out of the driver's hatch. I have no idea though how the black area on the side front could have developed, though.

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Posted (edited)

Got F01 released. I figured I'd add the black area on the hull onto the skin because I can't really explain to myself how that would have happend during the tank's destruction. So therefore it might have happened somehow beforehand. It makes the tank more unique, so I put it in.


Unfortunately, the rest of the squad, i.e. F03, F04 and F05 are going to be complete "how it might have been" artist interpretation, because I couldn't find any reliable sources for their outward appearance.


EDIT: Okay, scratch that. According to some sources, there wasn't even an F03 and F04, but a 111. I found photos of this 111, but not F05. I do think I have found pretty much all photos related to this topic by now.

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After a small edit to F01 where i added the Balkenkreuze that I had forgotten to add since that tank had them, I have now released Tiger 111. This one is covered in Zimmerit, which for some reason was painted completely brown, apparently. It is also flaking off here and there, and the tank is missing it's mudguards just like F13. It has been speculated F13 lost its mudguards from driving through undergrowth, and as 111 was apparently following F13 closely, it makes sense to see it in a similar state.


So now only F05 is left of the confirmed participants of Gruppe Fehrmann. As I am lacking photos, it will be an artists impression for sure.

However, every location that talked about the Fehrmann Tiger group talked about six Tigers, while I have only got 5 together so far. Likely this will mean F03 will make an appearance, unless more details can be found.

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F05 has arrived! Due to there being no photographic evidence, the skin has to be regarded as semi-historical and is based on artist's renditions. There seems to be a consensus that the turret was colored panzergrau and the hull dunkelgelb, so I decided to follow that. Now only F03 is left.

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And here we are. F03 is there. Again, artists interpretation. But with this release, the project Gruppe Fehrmann's Tigers is finished. I am looking forward to your video, Panzer Pete! :biggrin:


The next crazy (but still historic) project is already planned.... :ph34r:

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