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Enigma89's Guide to Multiplayer & Approaching This Game as a Competition


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Hi everyone,


I am a firm believer that multiplayer is the best place to learn and have fun but I have seen a lot of people who are intimated to play multiplayer. With that in mind, I started a YouTube channel in late December that only focuses on multiplayer. I primarily play on the Finnish Virtual Pilot's server but also play Combat Box occasionally. I have been playing air sims since I was a teenager and pretty much approach any video game I play as competition - I do not play any single player games. I play to win and my style is a bit more aggressive than most.  I played WWIIOL for 10 years which really shaped me as a player because that game was extremely competitive in the air.


With this post, I will surface up the guides that I feel are important for people to understand so they a better chance to succeed in multiplayer. If you are absolutely new to the game and do not know how to fly then these guides are not for you. It may be good to check them out to see what your future looks like but these already assume you know the basics already. I will update this post with new videos and answer any questions. As of the day of the original post, I think I have the foundation to cover the basics to get you up to speed in multiplayer. My plan is to go more advance and cover harder subjects.  If you find these useful, I would greatly appreciate it if you subscribe to the channel. It's absolutely free to do and it actually has an impact on the YT channel.


Understanding the server rules and mechanics (Finnish Specific)




How to fly Factory Defense



How to deal with AI Tail Gunners




How to Level Bomb on Multiplayer


How to Improve Ain in Multiplayer


How Stats Work


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