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Possible Documents That If Found Could Be Of Great Use In The .50 Cal Effectiveness Debate/ Looking For Documents Regarding Experimental .50 Cal HE ammunition


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I've been following the various threads surrounding the effectiveness of the AP ammunition. In particular .50 caliber browning ammunition (12.7mm X 99mm). The contention seems to be from how powerful MG H.E ammunition is in comparison to MG AP. Especially in regards to aerodynamic penalties. When reading through these threads I remembered hearing about experimental .50" H.E ammunition and how it never went into service because it wasn't effective enough. People were asking about historical test conducted comparing M2 Browning .5" AP ammo to MG 131 HE ammo. However, I haven't found anything related to these test yet. I did find a site and looked on The U.K National Archives website (TNA) and saw various documents relating to the 50 cal HE ammunition. I thought since we can't find any test directly comparing 50 cal AP and German 13mm HE these .50 cal HE test might be useful. We can use these tests to compare .5" AP against .5" HE. I also found a document about the mg 131 that might be of some use. The problem is these documents are not available for download from the website. I also can't find them digitized in other places. So I'm asking if anyone has the ability to travel to TNA or has copies of these documents. I'm very interested in knowing what they show. That being said the lack of different ammunition types(besides pure AP and HE) and the ability to have different convergence ranges for different pairs of guns is sorely needed in the IL2 great battles series for all aircraft. 


This is the site I referred to:



 These are the documents I'm looking for:

Trials of 0.5" AP ammunition to DDSAA8 against armour within aircraft structure (I think DDSAA8 is the name of a type of .50" HE ammunition.) 


0.5" Browning HE/I ammunition: trials


ARMS AND ARMAMENT: Ammunition (Code 9/2): 0.5" Browning incendiary and explosive ammunition: development


Firing trials with 0.5" American Browning AP ammunition with higher velocity


Browning ammunition .50": trials


German 13mm armour piercing/tracer and high explosive/incendiary/tracer ammunition for MG151 (The MG151 might be a typo from TNA or the document covers mg 131 and mg 151)


Any help finding digital versions of these documents and any others is greatly appreciated!



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