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please let us set up seperate tank and plane controls


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In other games f.e. Warthunder you can set your controls seperatly for tanks, planes and boats. I dont want to destroy my plane settings each time I want to play a tank. Also there should be a saving option for the control settings so I can save a backup of my controls and reinstall when getting a new pc or give it to someone else. Riding a tank with my joystick feels so wrong...

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There are a couple of options depending on which stick you use.

I use an X52 and have two profiles, one for planes and one for tanks.

Using the joystick for the tanks does work. It has a twist grip which I use for the left/right movement of the turret and the forward backwards for the up down.


Thad posted a note somewhere about using JSGME to appy his input settings - 


I ended up developing multiple 'input' files for TC and for the aircraft.

1. I key mapped everything for Tanks and insured that everything worked as I assigned.

2. I then saved a copy of that 'input' folder and placed it in a newly created 'data' folder.

3. I then created a 'TankInput' folder and place the new 'data' folder into a new 'TankInput' folder.

4. I then placed the TankInput folder in my MODS folder for activation and deactivation as a mod.

Now, whenever I want to go tanking.. I simply activate my TankInput mod.

I Deactivate it when I want to use my plane inputs files.

I did the same procedure for Single Engine Planes and Twin Engine Planes.



 The only thing in each separate data folder is the single specific 'input' folder.  The default 'input' folder size is only 250 kbs. No problem.

There is no need to copy the games Data folder. Just the 'input' folder.

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I initially thought this to be a problem but as time went on I found I didn't really have one.


For example these all use the exact same keys or controllers on my hotas and don't actually cause any real world conflicts...


Open hatch and open canopy.

Left and right in the tank is the same as left and right rudder.

Forward and back in the tank is the same as the throttle in the aircraft.

Turret control in the tank is the same as aileron/elevator control.



I see what the OP is talking about but so far I have no issues.  I did initially do as DD_Friar suggested just in case but so far I have not had to worry too much about that at this point.


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I have never had a problem. The only tank only control is lock/unlock gun. And I use VR

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