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Fw 190 ground attack operations in Normandy


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We know from Donald Caldwell's two-part history on JG 26 that its Fw 190s employed BR.21 rockets to attack Allied convoys during the Normandy campaign. Was this method employed by any other units in France at that time? It is also mentioned in passing that III./JG 54 was engaged in "fighter-bomber" operations for a time on the invasion front, but further details are lacking.

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Mombeek's volume on JG 2 mentions Werfergranaten Missions, too.


Latest loss is a Stab/JG 2 aircraft on 17 July 1944. "Ursache und Ort unbekannt" (cause and position unknown).

Same for a loss of a Geschwaderstab R6 three days prior.


06/07/44 shows two Geschwaderstab A-8/R6 losses.


28/06/44 has two R6s of 11./JG 2 missing after dogfighting in the Caen area.


20/06/44 has a Geschwaderstab R6 gone missing.


12/06/44 Geschwaderstab R6 missing after dogfights. Location unknown.


08/06/44 R6 of 12./JG 2 down south of Caen

08/06/44 R6 of 10./JG 2 missing after dogfight in the Caen area

08/06/44 R6 of Stab III./JG 2 down after dogfight over Cintheaux => Gruppenkommandeur III./JG 2 Hptm. Herbert Huppertz KIA



There are two losses of A-7/R6s earlier (one in JAN, one in APR) the year.

And there's an A-7/R2 lost on 28/05/44 due to engine failure.


Maj. Kurt Ubben, Kommodore JG 2, was KIA on 27/04/44 in a Fw 190A-8/R6.


That's about all the info in the losses-list I could dig up. Hope this helps!



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Based on this book (page 708)  I.JG/2 was ordered to attack the Normandy beachheads on June 6th 1944 using 21 cm WGr 21 'Dodel' rocket tubes.

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