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Tips for TC VR?


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Hello VR tankers!


I am finally trying to learn TC with a little time on my hands over the holidays.  I am an experienced VR pilot (Reverb G2) and have just been setting up my key bindings and Voice Attack profile for TC.


However, I am unexpectedly having some VR nausea in trying to run through some practice missions.  I haven't experienced any flightsim/spacesim nausea since my first couple of sessions with a CV1 many years ago (1000+ hours since then), so I am wondering if I am doing something wrong in TC, or if it is just getting used to a ground vehicle in the headset.


I intend power through in shorter sessions, but any tips are appreciated.  I think it may be caused by the shaking of the "nestle to gunsight view" since I seem to be getting hit a lot.  (Picked a Tiger to start since I knew that would probably be the case).  Thank you!


Update:  Pleased to report that it must have just been getting used to a ground vehicle, much better now.  Just leaving this here in case anyone has some other VR tips that might be helpful for TC VR newbies.

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