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A Question for WMR and IL2 Owners

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This has happened twice now.


Launch IL2 and am in VR with the G2. Finally I get my mouse to be recognized (this problem occurs constantly with the G2) and begin flying a Quick Combat mission. If I pause the sim and come back later everything has shut down! I mean the game, WMR, everything. It’s right back to my desktop. On both occasions I was away for perhaps 10-20 minutes each time.I’ve looked, but to no avail. Is there a setting in WMR somewheres where it has an automatic shutdown feature or something after a certain amount of time? Very annoying.


Never had any of these problems with the Rift S since I was using OpenComposite. But now with all these background programs running (Steam VR, WMR) I’m running into all kinds of weird stuff. Rift S out of the box was far superior in software functions than this thing.


I have made sure Windows is up to date too.




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