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Night & Dawn skies much improved in "From the Ashes " Campaign


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I finally started the new "from the Ashes' campaign not realizing ( at least in the first mission) its a night fighter campaign.Almost from the beginning of CloD I've been disappointed with the look of night skies ( and to a degree at least in dawn skies in Tobruk SM's still am,) but I have to say I was much surprised by ,in general, how good things look in this fist mission.These screenshots may give you a good idea.

( I may add for the developers things aren't perfect: in playback of tracks the aircraft look good from front aspect but when viewed from the rear they have a sort of "decayed " of photo negative look or effect as seen in third from last of the screenshots show. Also the tracers at night are particularly difficult to catch in a screenshot and look more like StarWars lasers than how good they look in daylight.)

Oh yes a bit of bumpy landing...sigh...









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