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Reverb G2 settings in IL2


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After long waiting I finally have the Reverb G2 , still have some issues ,  I get everything crisp sharp except the landscape , General resolution up to 60%  super sampling on 160 %  that's al I get out of here (+- 50 fps) , so plane is good but the rest is blurry as hell . 

I tried al the in game video settings etc.  

Specs : I7 4770  3.50 GHZ   16 gig ram  and a Ge force GTX 1070 8gb . 


I know its not the optimal specs but fore now it al I can get . 

 some tips ? 






and 1 small other thing I cant zoom in anymore hahaha 

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3 minutes ago, c6_lefuneste said:

Did you try general resolution 100% and SS 100% ?


I thought it was VR related but in the normal game with monitor its also very bad , I think I need to reinstall the entire game 

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