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P-47 D-22 Cockpit Height Restrictions


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Me again. Sorry!


Again, not very important but wondered if this was by design. The height limit in the cockpit of the razorback seems very restricted when compared to other planes. The new Hurricane has highlighted this as it's has a similar cockpit structure. 


Here is the Hurricane from front and rear:






As you can see we are above the supporting structure and fairly close to the canopy, but the limit stops at what you would assume is where your head would be. 



Here is the razorback at it's max height:






As you can see there's a pretty significant amount of room above your head before the canopy would realistically be hit. 




You appear to be able to move your head much higher when the canopy is open so it doesn't appear to be a seat level restriction.


The reason this is a bit of an issue is the rear facing mirror becomes very ineffective for checking your 6 when the cockpit is closed as you are only able to see high 6 and a little bit to the sides. The only way to get a decent view from it is to open the canopy. In other planes with mirrors (including  the new hurricane), the mirror is a lot more effective with the canopy closed. 


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Several planes would be nice with some more cockpit space (Ju-88 comes to mind), however, perhaps we should bear in mind the limited movement pilots have when strapped into their seats and be thankful that we have so much movement in comparison. 

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Seems about alright:




Neel Kearby was a tall guy.

Also, note the lack of room (left-right) at eye-level.










Kind of gives you an idea how much the bubbletop increased the view:






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It should definitely be restricted massively from left to right as it is quite narrow. I don't think the change has to be massive, even just a few additional centimetres so you peak into the mirror more effectively would have a difference. You are able to move up quite a bit more with the canopy open.

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10 hours ago, [DBS]Browning said:

Several planes would be nice with some more cockpit space (Ju-88 comes to mind), however, perhaps we should bear in mind the limited movement pilots have when strapped into their seats and be thankful that we have so much movement in comparison. 

There is alot of discussion about a lot  of details when it comes to pilot advantage for instance pilot seat position to help resisting higher G loads before blacking out, but nothing on the ability to move in the cockpit.


It would be nice if the straps locking system in some US types was modelled. In some US fighters there was a lever in the cockpit that enabled the pilot to chose to be strappped tightly or to have more freedom of movement on the fly and to change the straps tension at will in no time.


This could be a major advantage in a fight imho look the video at min 3:06 Kermit weeks talks about it:




Some aircraft allowed their pilot to chose between tight or lose strapping according to the situation, in the sim all have the same which is not correct (even if not a big deal)... Maybe someday it could be modelled.


I posted a a suggeestion in this topic:


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So after some more investigating it look like the ceiling of that internal canopy is based off of this bar:



When your head is further out while the canopy is open and you close it, it will drop you down to below this to stop you clipping through it. 


My question to the devs would be - are you forced to create a box when establishing cockpit view limits? If so completely understand that this is the limitation as it would be weird to clip through the bar every time you close the cockpit. If there's a solution to have your head dip below it as it closes but moves back up afterwards that would be great. But if that isn't a possible solution then I think it would have to stay as is. 


Obviously suuuper low priority though as I know you guys are working hard on everything else! I just love this plane but find it takes you out of the atmosphere a little if you have your canopy open at 18,000 feet just so you can see in your mirror. 




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Final points, this is the view from the mirror at the max height of the cockpit. Granted vision isn't going to be that great directly to the rear anyway but compared to mirrors on other planes it's all but useless with the cockpit closed. You can't really see anything other than high 6 as you aren't able to reach up and peak into it properly. 




Also, in both the spitfires, the handle clips through so I don't see there being an issue with a similar thing happening in the P-47 D-22. 




Again, tiny issue really so no problem with this going near the bottom of the list. But would be nice to have a little bit more headroom, even if it's not very much. 

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