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P-47 Fuel Gauges appear to be working incorrectly


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Obviously not a huge problem but just thought I'd make you guys aware. 


I've been doing a bit of testing to try and eek out a bit more time in the air with the P-47 without having to take too much fuel and have been getting a little confused at my fuel usage when looking at the gauges. It appears as though the fuel gauges in both P-47s are a bit off in terms of the amounts they are showing. 


In the D-28, 410 litres shows as 100 gallons in the tank:



So you would expect 820 litres to read 200:



It reads 215ish, not the end of the world, to get 200 gallons you need 770 litres: 



But then this is where the confusion starts as to get 250 gallons, you need 960 litres:



but then to get back to 150 gallons, you need 590 litres:



So I'm not quite sure what the ratio is being applied to the first 100l of the gauge but it doesn't appear to be correct at the moment. 


100gl = 410l

150gl = 590l (+180l)

200gl = 770l (+180l)

250gl = 960l (+190l)



In the D-22, 410 litres reads as above 100gl unlike the D-28:



not too bad but you have to drop it down to 360 litres to get it to show 100gl:



770 litres does appear to line up to 200 gl:



But you need 160 litres to get 50 gallons:



and then 550 litres to get 150 gallons:



So in the D-22 it appears the gauges are closer to being correct with the biggest discrepancy when showing lower amounts. 


50 gl = 160l

100gl = 360l (+200l)

150gl = 550l (+190l)

200gl = 770l (+220l)



Edit: just to show where the discrepancy is more apparent near the all important fuel light. The minimum fuel amount in the D-28 is 160l that shows as under 40 gallons. 2033419433_IL-2SturmovikBattleofStalingradScreenshot2020_11.01-22_17_21.92(2).png.3ab8aee3c8e7fb1166aa0d5f2cd361d1.png


However the minimum fuel amount of 120l in the D-22 shows as 45 gallons:



That means when the light goes on in the Razorback you certainly don't have the running time on the dash left.


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Thanks for attention.
The D-28 fuel gauge has no errors.
First, you look from top to  down at the instrument. And the instrument is not flat, the arrow is at some distance from the scale. Therefore, when in fact the arrow is opposite the division, it seems to you that it did not reach it.
And secondly, 1 gallon is about 3.8 liters.

But there really is some inaccuracy in the D-22 fuel gauge, we will correct it.

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