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Soviet Career mission - intercept ground attack planes


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Is it just me or are these missions considerably unbalanced in favour of the AI? In both Battle of Moscow and Stalingrad you find yourself and five wingmen, going up against at least 6x Bf-109E7s and 6x Bf-109Fs or Bf-109Gs. Worse, it'll sometimes feature *additional* enemy reinforcements (i.e. 2 to 6 Bf-109s joining the fight). It's proper ridiculous, and I don't see why I would ever throw my squadron into a ridiculously lopsided engagement like that.


The only way to deal with it is to basically cheese the AI and attack the escorts first (so the attack planes go off and get to actually drop their bombs, which you should of course be trying to stop), hope you take them all down without a crippling loss ratio, and then continue the attack against the E7s. Oh, and hope you somehow still have ammunition.

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Nobody said it was going to be a fair fight lol. 
That said however, the difficulty and density settings of your career are what determine the amount of resistance you encounter and the skill of that resistance.
If you're consistently being overwhelmed consider switching it down to moderate difficulty for a rough parity in forces or easy if its still too much.

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