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PC Pilot Magazine Review

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PC Pilot magazine have just published their review of IL-2 Sturmovik Desert Wings Tobruk!
We are delighted to have received an very high score of 85!
Derek Davis from PC Pilot stated that Desert Wings Tobruk is 'highly recommended'.
To get such a high score, from the most well known and respected flight simulation magazine in the world, is massive for our team, and our community.
The review will be included in PC Pilot's upcoming issue, which will be out this Thursday. Check it out!
TFS Team

PC Pilot Review Oct 2020.png

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PC Pilot will be available in shops, or you can buy the printed magazine online .. and probably a digital version too.

It's the best publication for people interested in flight sims. There aren't many gaming magazines that cover flight sims, and I've only ever seen one other dedicated flight sim publication (I forget the name of it).

PC Pilot is a very good magazine. Their reviews are usually unbiased, and they often have interesting articles on combat simming, combat tactics, hardware, etc.

They sometime compare various combat sims to illustrate the good points of each sim. In the past they have often compared between BoX/Great Battles; Blitz; DCS. For example they might discuss how each sim deals with flying the Spitfire, looking at start- up procedures and engine management.

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