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Skins from Sakai

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Hello everyone... I've just posted two skinpack on M4T (they should be available soon : right now, I cannot provide a link)

one with two Fokker DVIIF and the second one with ten FokkerDVII (you'll find more informations in the files

a few pics

3 bis.jpg

2 bis.jpg

some more pics

2 bis.jpg

3 bis.jpg

another one... enjoy (some Dolphin will follow soon and some Fw190A8 - they're already finished)

5 bis.jpg

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Thanks guy (by the way, very nice G6 from the 15(Kroat).JG52 Pat, eager to see volume two)

All the skin I made are based on picture and all the document I can gather so I try to get close to the actual plane (I've drawn some other lozenge fabric in accordance with the colours and

data I got)

I've got two skinpack of Dolphin coming after (19th Sqn and 23rd Sqn) I'm gonna post them soon

take care and good flight

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Some more Dolphins from the 23rd Squadron this time

Just posted on Mission 4 today, available soon

some pics :

PS : on the fourth screenshot, the gunner survived a torent of bullets... it's always the same and it is a bit fustrating... I don't if it happens only to me but the gunner seem to be invicible...

I hope the team will fix that soon (they already made a geat job with the AI for the fighters)

Sopwith Dolphin - 23rd Squadron -.jpg

Sopwith Dolphin - 23rd Squadron --.jpg

Sopwith Dolphin - 23rd Squadron ---.jpg

Sopwith Dolphin - 23rd Squadron.jpg

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