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Voice Attack profile & command plates for commander

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Thought I'd share my Voice Attack profile I made, of Tank Commander commands including all the Formation call outs, Tank operation, steering, Fire Control etc of the player tank, as well as the entire Platoon and even individual tanks within your platoon (from Tanks 2 to 6, assuming you, the player to be Tank 1).

Remember that the tank must first be in Autopilot Mode from the Driver position before occupying the Commander position and issuing orders.

Simply extract the Voice Attack profile named 'Baz's IL-2 GBS Profile-1-2-Profile.vap' to a destination of your choosing and using Voice Attack, import the profile by with 'LEFT ALT + I'
Feel free to make any changes.
Remember that to get the best experience from Voice Attack, it's highly advisable to perform the speech training tasks.

The Plates I've made are compatible size-wise, for use with the VREM - VR enhancer kneeboard feature.

Also included, is an Xbox One controller template for those that play Tank Crew on a Pad.


**Update** Go here for a custom-made single player mission that utilises these Commander Voice commands. Mission comes complete with user made M4A2 UK & US skins, onscreen text and picture plates  and 'should' be compatible with JSGME installers. (BoBP should ideally be owned as the RAF Hawker Tempest aircraft is featured within the mission).



Download here.



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