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[MOD DEVELOPMENT] Panzer Aces Mega Mod

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[MOD DEVELOPMENT] Panzer Aces Mega Mod


This thread will be used for discussing the development of the " Panzer Aces Mega Mod " and to report the various development updates to the members of the online community of the Il-2 Sturmovik Forum.


Before starting up there are some questions that I would like to gently pose you. They are: ( Please chose only one option per question in your replies, thanks )


1) With what frequency do you want to have development updates from me?

  • Daily
  • 2 times a week ( 2 times during the week only )
  • 2 times a week ( 2 times during the weekend only )
  • 2 time a week ( 1 during the week, 1 during the weekend  )

2) What name do you prefer for the mod?

  • Panzer Aces Mega Mod
  • Panzer Aces Mod

3) Due to the nature and the intents of the mod I would like to not have my tag-name displayed anywhere in it nor presenting the project as a personal work only.

I would like, instead, to write on the initial loading screen of the mod something like "  The IL-2 Sturmovik Tank Crew – Clash at Prokhorovka community presents: because, even if " materially " I'll be the one building the mod, I would like to see in it the participation of the major number of the members of the tank community as possible, both speaking of discussions and material included in it.

I would like to have this as a mod realised with the collaboration and help of the online community  because I would like to see the mod as a cumulative one and not as a mod which emphasizes this or that modder/member of the community.

Said this, the available options from which you can chose are:

  • Yes, I'm in favour of this
  • No I do not agree. Keep your work as a personal one


Thanks in advance to all the ones that will reply to the above questions and that will support the project.

If you want to actively support this project I would like to gently request you the following two actions:


1) Reply to the threads and posts of interest and participate to the various discussions. Your feedbacks and suggestions are envaluable to realise a professional and detailed work!

If you don't want to write or reply put a like or a reaction on the post of interest for you. Even if this could seems a small thing, it's a small gesture of appreciation that really helps me a lot going forward with this project!


2) Share as much as possible ( but without spamming! ) the news about this mod on your preferred social networks and among your friend. This will probably help in getting more players interested by this amazing game!


Last but not least for the ones that still are not aware about the main features of the " Panzer Aces Mega Mod " you can find the necessary initial information about it by clicking on the link provided below.


Thanks in advance to all the members, modders, skinners and mission builders of the community that will decide to collaborate or supporting this project or that will decide to grant their permissions for their work's usage in this mod, having so the change to offer, hopefully, a great and appreciated service to the whole  IL-2 Sturmovik Tank Crew – Clash at Prokhorovka community!



My sincere best regards to all of you,




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