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Bodenplatte axis career : intercept recon plane are always impossible

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Is it me who is thick as a log, or are intercept recon plane missions impossible to achieve for a Bodenplatte axis career?

So far I've had a bunch of them both with 109G14 and K4 but the recon plane turns around pretty quickly and it is impossible to intercept even at full emergency power.

I attach the last one I tried, if anyone cares to give it a shot. I hope you manage to intercept the bloody thing and if you do pls. tell me how to do it because this is getting me crazy...



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Hi, to intercept the reconnaissance plane you have to climb over 7500m and not stay in formation. When you see the enemy plane position yourself to intercept it and start a smooth descent,  trying to get a  max speed of approach. Good luck!
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