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Four questions about flight lead AI behaviour in career mode

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I've started a Russian career mode flying the Yak7b over Kuban. On the first few missions I am the wingman to a high ranking flight lead and there's some challenges I've run into:

  1. How do you find and form up on your flight lead after combat? I follow him closely in formation to our combat waypoints but once air combat starts, there's 8+ friendly and enemy aircraft jumbled together fighting and I have no idea where he is, unless I make a specific effort to glue to his six the entire time and ignore the fight. Once the fight is over, and we survive, how do I locate him to continue the rest of our mission together? When there's multiple Yak1s and Yak7s, he's impossible to find.
  2. Why does the flight lead ignore a fight and stick to flying a straight line between waypoints? As a pair we had a combat air patrol with about a 60km straight line divided into to two target area waypoints. Before we reached the first point, I noticed a 4ship furball about a 1000m meters above us a few kilometres away to our 2o'clock. My lead didn't budge but made a radio call to engage (I think). I fly into the fight and my lead stuck on his straight line course and did nothing....why?
  3. Why does the flight lead die when there's no combat? My third mission had us in a 4ship flight circling some ground units, not even 5km away from our take-off airfield, everything was within visual range of each other. We circled for about 15 minutes round and round waiting for bombers to show, which never showed. I got bored and ventured way off and managed to get 3 109's chase me all the way back to base, during which my lead and 2 other wingmen were on landing approach. Two 109's bailed, the 3rd got peppered with flak and I killed him. I was happy that the boring mission turned into something, but got to the debrief screen to find my flight lead - the highest ranking active pilot in our unit, was KIA. The game UI doesn't tell you how they died. So how did he die? I saw no accident and no enemies ever got near him. It seems like a waste but I'm just going to move on, RIP Captain. 
  4. Can you communicate with your flight/lead when you're not the leader? I press the tilde key ~ and there's no options say anything aside from give useless hand gestures. How do I request back-up, RTB, or things along those lines?
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