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Flak and how it is set up / Air Force instructional film

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I've said in some threads before that how Flak works can still be improved in this game.


Here's a vid I just came across that points out very well how this all works and how you should defend yourselves against that threat.




I hope that video makes clear that setting up any Flak defense is far form trivial. itshould also make clear that only light Flak (up to the 37 mm) can be used to cover mechanized units.


The simplest thing to set up is the light Flak. Those guns fire individually in skeed shooting manner. They require to be set up with a free field of fire over a large azimuth covering the area exposed to attack.


Medium and especially heavy guns operate vastly different. They are set up in groups that are directed by a single fire director that sets fuze timings and aiming for the whole battery. Alternatively, they can be set to barrage fire that groups the gunfire to a defined space. Thus you will NEVER have heavy flak guns of a unit not engaging the same (kind of) target.


While in principle, the light Flak in the game is somewhat convincing in their behaviour (proper setup would be up to the mission designer), heavy guns of a unit always must focus on one plane and cannot engage targets nearer than some 5000 ft, as the fuze (usually) cannot be set shorter than that. Also angular velocity for aiming would become an issue.


If this behaviour could be reproduced in the game, that would be cool.

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Medium Flak is like light Flak, just larger caliber, larger range of fire and slower rate of fire.

But yes, it would be very nice to get proper Flak in game.

Another thing, that is very disappointing for me is, the Flak constantly destroying everything around them, mainly searchlights, but also other AA guns. A few weeks ago I landed in a mission, with enemy fighters at my airfield, so the Flak was firing. It was a pretty uncomfortable feeling with the AA guns shooting near the runway and I was really happy, when I was out of their field of fire.

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